Saturday, October 07, 2006

harvest moon -or- annoying bright thing

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Pither's Point Park in autumn.
Pither's Point Park in autumn; Hallett (ship) in background.

Urban Shaman Gallery in Winnipeg (Manitoba) has opened its newest online project, Storm Spirits.
From the site:
The works for this project may be temporal and transient in nature, they may be interactive, inviting viewers to participate in an evolving construction, they may be permanent structures. We will present diverse and innovative projects that engage, define, challenge and investigate the use of digital and new media arts practice by Aboriginal artists. Exhibitions will change four times per year, with past exhibitions available in our archive. Essays by guest writers and curators will accompany each exhibition as well as video artist talks by the exhibited artists.
We hope you will come back often.

Current exhibition: Prayer Flags and the Presence of Spirits in Cyberspace
Cheryl L’Hirondelle (with Joseph Naytowhow)
I am not entirely sure how this exhibit will progress, as it sounds like an interactive gig, inviting public prayer contributions and keyword analysis as a basis of change. Check it.

Red-hot crucible pouring red-hot bronze. I am scanning and uploading pics for my friends at Anurag Art Bronze Studio and Foundry. Click the bronze to check out their pages.
Red-hot crucible pouring red-hot bronze.

I had previously posted pics of this beaded bag -from my mum's collection- but I wanted to show yous... good scans of the piece; front and back.
Heavy, small beaded bagHeavy, small beaded bag

Another piece from her eclectic bead collection. A green and white netweave collar.
Another piece from mum's eclectic bead collection. A green and white netweave collar.

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