Friday, December 15, 2006

cold and pretty

From the New York Times: DNA Gatherers Hit Snag: Tribes Don't Trust Them
The Nat. Geo. Society is sponsoring a DNA gathering project from "indigenous" peoples all over the globe, in order to track human migration and evolutionary process through time and geography. The Native people of Alaska, it seems, are reluctant to participate.

I can see how the people would be reluctant to provide (genetic) information that they see as being used to undermine fragile creation mythologies.


bored mind + technology

Found at youtube; odd moose clip


Gramma and Grampa

My mom saved a newspaper clipping for decades that had a picture of her parents in it. It has yellowed and crinkled, but still warms me. I can only imagine how strongly she felt about it and I wished I had asked her about this particular picture.

Broken Vulture Art; Bingorage. Gramma and Grampa


cold and pretty (click to enlarge)

Ranier Minnesota, across the Rainy River

ice fog downtown, fort frances


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JLB said...

That is indeed a lovely picture of your grandparents. Is there a way you can preserve it, even in glass, to help prevent it from fading?

As for the pooping moose (or caribou)... ahem, too much time on your hands? :) I admit, however, being much relieved to see a plastic-jelly-bean-pooping-ungulate, as opposed to a real-live-crapping-moose, fun as that might be.