Monday, December 11, 2006

monday, again

The First Nations Film and Video Festival (FNFVF)

The purpose of the First Nations Film and Video Festival is to
provide a venue for Native American film and video makers of all
skill levels.

The First Nations Film and Video Festival (FNFVF) advocates for
and celebrates the works of Native American film and video that
break racial stereotypes and promotes awareness of contemporary
Native American issues and society.

The FNFVF blog.


Surreal-art gallery; Beinart.
If unusual, mind-altering images aren't your thing, take a pass.

Random stuff:

World's oldest-known artificial eyeball found by archaeologists in Iran.

One of the best-protected rock art sites in the USA, undoubtedly, is on an army base in the Mojave desert.

33 names of things you didn't know had names.
Such as #20:
OCTOTHORPE - The symbol `#' on a telephone handset. Bell Labs' engineer Don Macpherson created the word in the 1960s by combining octo-, as in eight, with the name of one of his favourite athletes, 1912 Olympic decathlon champion, Jim Thorpe.

Jim Thorpe.
"Jim Thorpe (Sac and Fox Nation: Wa-Tho-Huk) (May 28, 1887 – March 28, 1953) is considered one of the most versatile athletes in modern sports. He won Olympic gold medals in the pentathlon and decathlon, starred in college and professional football, played Major League Baseball and also had a career in basketball. He subsequently lost his Olympic titles when it was found he had played two seasons of minor league baseball prior to competing in the games (thus violating the amateur status rules). In 1983, thirty years after his death, his medals were restored."



will said...

the octothorpe is called fence (aita) in finnish.

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

Those crazy Finns...

The next thing you'll be telling me is that the placenames are unspellable.