Thursday, December 07, 2006

december snows biting

It seems that Betty and Veronica are scared silly of false-face masquetry; especially when worn by Ojibway dudes, in Northern Ontario. (Archies's "Pals and Gals", double digest #51[2000]) I guess that I would be, too.


Surfed around and found another 'Native Blog', down in Kansas. Rod Pocowatchit is a filmmaker (Pawnee, Shawnee and Comanche).
The posting that caught my attention is his thoughts on the new Clint Eastwood film, Flags of our Fathers, with Adam Beach, as Ira Hayes.
Anyways, Rod's blog, 'Rawd's.Think.Spot', lead me to NativeVue; online magazine.
" ...NativeVue Film & Media is joining this dynamic community with a vision uniquely our own. Our mission is to cultivate an interest in Native performing arts by featuring North America's most innovative Indigenous filmmakers, musicians, actors and media entrepreneurs. This is done by solid reporting and collaborating with others; simply stated--getting the word out. There's so much to celebrate that has hardly been touched on. "

---------------------------------------------------------- Member's Choice Awards-
" are a way for us to recognize excellence for events, dancers, and singers for this past year.

Nominations are now open. The nominations are open until December 31, 2006.

Please consider the contributions and actions of the nominees for just the year 2006.

The top 5 from each category will be placed in a poll starting January 1, 2007. Voting on these categories will end on January 31, 2007. "


Native American Art News;


Supposedly, the face of Jack the Ripper has finally been drawn (probably a bit late) by police sketch artist. Be very afraid. [pic clicks for story link]

Jack the ripper, clown; Broken Vulture Art mod.


If you hadn't all noticed, yet; I love deer hunting.
I just found a 'youtube-like' video clip site dedicated to hunting,
Hunt Here's a funny sample:


Rod Pocowatchit said...

Hey there. Thanks for the link and mention! I love your blog, tons of info. I'll definitely be back. Keep up the good work!

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

Thanks for coming by, Rod.