Sunday, January 21, 2007

Perseverance Theatre is an Alaskan Native Theatre troupe that has performed, and will be performing, Macbeth (shhh... the "Scottish play"), in Tlingit.

...At the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, in March.
"Perseverance Theatre (PT) is dedicated to "tapping the potential of Alaska through the passionate creation and presentation of theatre." This mission statement originates in our organizational values: engaging community, pursuing excellence, embracing risk, and seeking self-discovery...
PT is a theater of place which places a special emphasis on working with Alaskan artists. We maintain a local resident acting company and training and development opportunities are an essential element of all our artistic operations. We are also committed to engaging artistic work which speaks directly to the Alaskan experience. Moby Dick (2001) was a World Premiere fusion of Melville with the whaling traditions of the Inupiat Eskimos."


The "Artist-How-To" page. Looks like one lady's collection of arts and craft tips. Some ebooks for sale, as well. Some useful stuff.

An online film festival, the Streaming Festival, is seeking applications (and video, presumably); February 7, 2007 deadline.

If that interests you, then perhaps the Film Arts Foundation is something that you don't even know you need, yet.

Beware... the megacryometeors.


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