Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blog Against Abuse

Blog Against Abuse (Click pic for link to BlogCatalog page).

Blog Against Abuse
"The Outcome we are after is to be part of the largest group of bloggers to ever blog about an important cause, all on the same day.
So how do you participate?
On Sept. 27th, blog about putting an end to some sort of Abuse (you decide what kind of abuse to blog about)."

That's a fairly wide-open mandate: "blog against some kind of abuse".

I think that I will go for the big one. The ultimate abuse; murder.
Most countries have laws and sanctions against it. Religions proscribe it. Most individuals say that it is a bad thing. The "golden rule" makes it illogical.

I'm probably misquoting Clint Eastwood (Unforgiven): "Killing's a hell of a thing... take away all that a man has... and all that he'll ever have."

And, yet...
We go on murdering by the tens of thousands each year; perhaps hundreds of thousands and millions, world-wide, depending on the so called realpolitik of the day.
And it's easy to let that slide, thousands of miles away and next neighbourhood over. "Dirty, savage people" who don't look like you, pray like you, believe like you, grow up like you or live in your patch. Just numbers and probably thieves, whores and terrorists to boot.
Mothers, brothers, babies, daughters, sisters, fathers, farmers, cobblers, teachers, preachers, ditchdiggers, waitresses, painters, bricklayers, shopkeepers, doctors...

Armies murder.
Religions murder.
Gangs and cops murder.
Friends and lovers... family and strangers murder.
People kill for spite, money, love, hate, fear, guilt, country, god, shits and giggles.

Some have "good reason to", others have no reason at all.
Some are just "doing their duty"... and breaking every moral code they claim to believe in.
Some are just trying to save their own skins.

It's easy to kill someone.
By the time you're eighteen, the average TV viewer has witnessed hundreds of enacted murders, if not thousands. If you live in a part of the world without television, or in certain parts of "urban jungles" anywhere, you've probably witnessed a few killings up close. You become desensitised.
If you join an army, a police force, or a middle eastern death cult, killing "on behalf of a greater good" can be rationalised; become second nature.

So. How does it end?

I don't believe that religions, laws or punishments can prevent murder. Indeed, even though they are meant to prevent it, they often incite and promote killing.

I've been tossing an idea around for a while: plan for and publicise a yearly, worldwide "Day Without Murder". The hardest part may not be reaching all the crackheads, street-thugs, psychos, shitbags, terrorists and religious nutjobs... it might be educating and convincing all governments and police forces to refrain from killing. Just for a day.

Could everyone stop? Just for one day? Can there ever be a single day, throughout the whole planet, in which nobody is killed by another human? I think that if that day is ever achieved, then there might never be another murder.

How about December 21'st?
Every december 21'st.



Previous posting about "Lost Treasures", an NWAC event in Kenora (Ontario), in synch with Sisters in Spirit vigils (October 4, 2007)in other cities around Canada and in Columbia and Peru. The events are to raise awareness of and memorialise the large number of missing and murdered First Nations women in Canada.


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