Thursday, September 06, 2007

First taste of fall

Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio.

Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio.

Deer season is quickly approaching. Here are a couple of reminders of last year's adventures.

Remember: It is not legal to bludgeon deer with platypi (in Ontario).
Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio.

Monster 4-pointer.
Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio.


A webpage documenting Native Protests and 'Issues'; Rez Paper Trail.

Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival; November 15-18, 2007.

An article about BIA impediments to Cherokee housing. Not your typical rez-shack complaints.


Peace Hills Trust Native Art Contest
"Peace Hills Trust hosts an annual Native Art contest in support of Native culture. The Native Art Contest was established in 1982 to promote the work of Native artists throughout Canada. Each fall entries are judged in various categories and prizes are awarded at an awards ceremony. The Native Art Contest has proved to be an integral part of shaping our proud history and will remain an ongoing contribution to our Company's support of Native culture."
Postmark deadline: September 7, 2007.


Freelance illustration job for Native American Book Art Project
"I am writing a book with a Native American story followed by some spiritual teachings. I need a series of illustrations done for the book. These illustrations will include:
1. A young Native American girl trudging through the snow with her baby.
2. A brave riding his horse in the mountains.
3. A wolf peering out of the trees.
4. A hogan on a lake in the trees.
The illustrations can be pencil or possibly water color. I am not looking for detailed illustrations but rather simple drawings that can convey the situational ideas and emotive faces."

"A formidable mission
The mission of the Foundation is to ensure that "land within the original boundaries of every reservation and other areas of high significance where tribes retain aboriginal interest are in Indian ownership and management."

A new Native publication, Redskin Magazine, is looking for photos of traditional powwow regalia to showcase in an upcoming publication. Deadline : September 28, 2007. Launch party and cover model search, December 1, 2007, in Toronto, Ontario.

Picturing The People
"... a provocative exploration of photographs of and by Indigenous peoples includes images from the mid 19th century through today and features a groundbreaking generation of Indigenous photographers."

Another great DIY project, make your own bread oven, at Instructables.Com

Another Tim Giago article, rebutting comments on his previous article about Anni Mae Aquash.

Native People's FAQ

A First Nation protest against the province of Ontario, which has granted a test-drilling license, for uranium, to a mining company on Native lands, has had a court injunction served against the protestors; meaning that they could be arrested at any moment
"Once the injunction is served, they told us free movement in and out will no longer be permitted," Lovelace said. "Anyone coming out of the site would be subject to potential charges."
Police said non-aboriginal people who have been bringing medicine and food to the protesters could also be arrested for aiding in illegal movement."


[From Dene National Office]

News Release


Rally and Press Conference to take place at noon

On Friday, September 7, 2007

YELLOWKNIFE (September 5, 2007)

Come out and Show your support for the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Walk in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples around the World.

Walk to preserve the collective rights of the world's 370 million indigenous peoples including the right to self-determination, self-government, the recognition of indigenous laws, customs and traditions and ownership and control of traditional territories and resources. Indigenous Peoples live in the most pristine areas of the globe, home to the most sensitive ecosystems and face harsh consequences such as global warming, pressing poverty, violence and unsafe drinking water.

The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples will be voted on by the UN General Assembly on September 13, 2007 in New York. We need your urgent support to pass this important document· According to latest calculations, the Declaration just needs a handful of additional votes to pass. If it fails to win a majority it could be years before the General Assembly will consider it again.

Dene National Chief Bill Erasmus will speak at the event along with other leaders and NGO's. National Chief Erasmus invites you to come out and walk against poverty, violence, injustice and to secure the future of Indigenous Peoples Worldwide.

The rally will begin at the Red Apple and end with a press conference at the Greenstone Federal Government Building on Franklin Avenue in Yellowknife.


For more information:
Terri Brown
Special Advisor
Dene Nation/AFN Regional Office, NWT
Yellowknife, NWT
867-873-4081 (phone) 867-920-2254 (fax)



To support the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

In all regions of the world, the survival and well being of Indigenous peoples are threatened by serious and persistent violations of their fundamental human rights.

A United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is an urgent necessity in order to establish minimal international norms that will inspire and encourage other states and other actors to respect and honor without discrimination, the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

We call upon all Quebequers to support as a priority the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and convince the Canadian government to join the numerous countries who have already approved it.


When: September 7, 2007

Where: 10:00 a.m. The Hydro-Québec Tower

(At the main entrance: 75, René-Lévesque West between Saint-Urbain and Clark)

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Show your support for the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Join us in our Walk in Solidarity with millions of Indigenous Peoples from around the world who battle against poverty, violence, exploitation and discrimination... so that this can change here and everywhere!

Organized by:

Tel.: 450.632.0088
Business Complex River Road
P.O. Box 1989 Kahnawake, QC J0L 1B0


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