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Lost Treasures

There will be an art event -Lost Treasures- in Kenora, NW Ontario, (and in other venues across Canada) October 4, 2007; to bring awareness to the numerous missing Aboriginal women in Canada. I will be participating in this event. If you would like to participate, you can check out the Facebook event page.
"The Lost Treasures art project is an interactive and artistic demonstration in support of the native families who have lost loved ones to racialized and/or sexualized violence in Canada. Artists who choose to create an art project will be matched with or can choose one missing or murdered Woman to memorialize. The art will then be presented to the public on October 4th, 2007 at various locations..."

Download the event poster.

Sisters in Spirit Initiative
"The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) launched the national Sisters in Spirit Campaign in March 2004 to raise public awareness of the alarmingly high rates of violence against Aboriginal women in Canada. NWAC believes we are in an urgent state of affairs with regards to the safety of Aboriginal women in Canada."

Native Women’s Association of Canada; SIS Program Description
"... The initiative will be undertaking qualitative (life histories) and quantitative research on racialized, sexualized violence against Aboriginal women with cooperating families who have female family members that are missing or murdered, in order to gain a better understanding of circumstances, root causes and trends. The initiative will develop community education/action kits for use by community organizations, as well as host some workshops and conferences. NWAC will work with participating families and the community to develop a policy agenda in order to influence required changes with government and community..."

I have been asked to publicise the disappearance of a Whitehorse teenager missing since May, 2007;
Angel Carlick, in my art piece. If anyone has seen Angel -or if Angel sees this- please call home or Whitehorse RCMP (867-667-5555).
Angel Carlick; missing May, 2007
Angel Carlick; missing May, 2007

Another Angel posting at CBC.
"Southern Straight" powwow dance style - sketch.
Click for style description.

Random resources, news and stuff:

"Hello my name is Sean Gallagher, and I am part of the 13th region corporation an Alaskan native. I have had an interest in skin boats as far back as I can remember. I have always felt the need to be close to my culture and learn of the things people before me made and did. When growing up I watched my uncles carving King Island style soap stone figures and I started to learn that my family was a little different than the rest."


Canadian Aboriginal Festival and marketplace, Toronto, Nov.30-Dec.2, 2007.


I encountered Frank Big Bear's work through the Bockley Gallery in Minneapolis; now, he is exhibiting at a London, England venue; The October Gallery, from 13 September 2007 to 27 October 2007.


The premier of the Yukon Territory (Northern Canada) has dismissed a court ruling that favours First Nations governments.
"Chief Mike Smith said Fentie's remarks, made earlier this week, have made it clear that he's not interested in working alongside First Nations...
On Tuesday, Fentie told CBC News that he'll fight a May ruling by Yukon Supreme Court Justice Ron Veale, who quashed a government land lease in favour of the Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation."

According to "Pacific Salmon Commission", sockeye salmon river stocks are precipitously dropping due to
"global warming and pollution to over fishing and poaching "

The PSC response to First Nation concerns about their upstream fishery collapse is that Natives should eat the less desireable Pink Salmon and be happy about it.
"Making perceptions pink".


Canada's new Indian Affairs Minister has some dubious previous public statements about First Nations treaties.
"In his first public appearance as Minister of Indian Affairs, Chuck Strahl faced tough questions from aboriginal leaders yesterday over his earlier remarks on treaty rights and his aggressive approach to reforming the Canadian Wheat Board.

Ovide Mercredi, the Chief of Grand Rapids First Nation and a former national grand chief, asked the minister to clarify a statement he made in the House of Commons in 1999, when he said "the Nisga'a treaty creates a separate race-based nation in the heart of British Columbia."


The Abbe Museum in Maine.
"The Abbe offers innovative exhibitions and programs on Maine’s Native American heritage. In recent years, the Abbe has grown from a small but lovely trailside museum, privately operated within Acadia National Park, to an exciting contemporary museum in the heart of downtown Bar Harbor.

At the Abbe’s new downtown museum, visitors find dynamic and stimulating exhibitions and activities interspersed with spaces for quiet reflection. The history and cultures of Maine’s Native people, the Wabanaki, are showcased through changing exhibitions, special events, teacher workshops, archaeology field schools and craft workshops for children and adults."


Another Native blog, "Native Headline News".

The "webmaster's blog" at Hanksville.Org


Artifact theft alert!
missing artifact
A BC First Nation's ancient stone bowl has been stolen off the beach, where it was kept.
"A large, carved rock bowl, traditionally used by the Saanich people on Mayne Island for food preparation, has disappeared. The artifact, which usually rests on the beach at Helen Point on Mayne Island, was last seen on July 25; the Tsartlip First Nation did not realize it was gone until August 11, when Tsartlip Chief Chris Tom and members of the council visited the beach site to assess the impact that the BC Ferries wake was having on the sacred sites on Mayne Island. They then noticed that the artifact had been removed...
Anyone with information pertaining to the missing artifact should contact Chief Tom at 889-7824, Tsartlip Land Manager Wendy Edwards at 652-3988, or the Outer Gulf Islands RCMP at 629-6171."


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