Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Iceout and dark energy

Amputee runner wins right to try for Olympic spot

Ontario MNR and Grassy Narrows (First Nation, Ojibway) sign agreement in logging dispute

Regina (Saskatchewan) is one step closer to having Canada's first on-reserve post-secondary institution.

Canadian Copyfight Alert!!!
Jim prentice is about to try and ram US-industry-dictated copyright law through parliament; without the public input he promised, after his last attempt to feed us to the DMCA sharks. Contact your MP, make some noise.

Loony iceout on Rainy Lake.

Iceout Rainy lake. Broken Vulture Art.

Iceout Rainy lake. Broken Vulture Art.


Native Artists Grant Programs, listings at Evergreen.

Mary Anne Barkhouse: The Reins of Chaos.
"... The growing emphasis on paradoxical categories such as the absurd, cynical, and grotesque is indicative of the shift. Although in Canada this trend may be considered broadly, it often seems that Aboriginal artists are at its forefront. Mary Anne Barkhouse is certainly among them. Known for elegant, often ironic installations in which woodland creatures defend their way of life against the onslaught of human conquest, she uses wry humour to critique contemporary culture and the space reserved for Aboriginal people within it..."

2009 P.O.V. Call for Entries. The arrival deadline for submissions is Friday, June 27, 2008.

Archaeologist Uses Satellite Imagery to Explore Ancient Mexico.

Inca Skull Surgeons Were "Highly Skilled," Study Finds.
"... Around the ancient Inca capital of Cuzco (see Peru map), remains dating back to A.D. 1000 show that surgical techniques were standardized and perfected over time..."

How to be a human. [At Violent Acres]

Search on for Native art fund director.
"You have this foundation now coming on line that has enormous potential to become a powerful funding engine that will redirect the face of private philanthropy and divert huge increases of financial resources directly to our Native artists and tribal communities."...
this cornerstone of sovereignty has been malnourished because most tribal governments have not been able to support their artists. Instead, they have been focused on frontline crises, including housing, health care and joblessness..."

New Tim Giago article; Time Magazine Snubs Indians Again.
"Every year Time magazine names 100 people as its version of "The Most Influential People in the World." The editors of the magazine apparently live in a world without Native Americans, the First Americans to be precise...
Could it be that the editors of Time magazine are, as the editors of other mainstream media, so ignorant of the Native Americans in their midst that in their minds they do not exist? ..."

Five vestigial human organs; no longer counting the appendix.

Actor Adam Beach has plan to back First Nations films and TV.
"... His new company will produce feature films created by First Nations filmmakers.
He has also been hired by a new internet cable company to head its aboriginal division and will start reviewing proposals for the network in January..."

Dark Energy; The "most profound problem" in current physics.


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