Sunday, May 04, 2008

oilsand ducks and tweakable lists


The Great Depression, in Canada.

League of Nations photo archive.


It seems that the no-fly list [usa] still needs plenty of tweaking; considering that Nelson Mandela and some US Air Marshals are still on the list.


The next beading project: large beaded fish fly (Stage 1, yarn wrap the hook).

Yarn wrapped hook for beaded fish fly. Bingorage Studio. Broken Vulture Art.


U.S. changes sites named 'squaw'.

Once again, I would like to offer The Norval Morrisseau Blog, as a great resource for the documentation of NM's legacy.

JK Rowling trying to punish fair use, and has no concept of irony.
"This (previous) paragraph lists only most prominent similarities between Ender's Game and the Harry Potter series. My book was published in England years before Rowling began writing about Harry Potter. Rowling was known to be reading widely in speculative fiction during the era after the publication of my book..."

I Can End Deportation (ICED).A game that teaches immigrant teens about their rights and obligations.
"The object of the game is to become a citizen of the United States."

Toronto Native Theatre group; Native Earth Performing Arts
"is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the creating, developing and producing of professional artistic expression of the Aboriginal experience in Canada."

Government of Canada Supports the Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company
"SNTC... will receive $100,000 to support its Red Spirit Performing Arts Training Program... which provides a three-year, full-time professional arts program in arts skill development, skill application, cultural development, and career management. The program also tries to fill the void of qualified Aboriginal artists and strives to link graduates with potential employment in the Canadian cultural sector..."

Adam Beach: 'Our Worst Enemy Is Us'
"Beach said he is "putting together an Internet TV show, basically using the Internet to profile who we [Native Americans] are and what we're doing, just change that perspective more than what Hollywood can do."
Beach said he hopes that the show, which he expects to start shooting as early as July, would depict lives of people he has known.
"I have friends who are in gangs, I've been talking to a lot of people who are in prostitution and talking to a lot of people who are senators, wealthy businessmen, actors, writers, lawyers," he said. "I'm trying to address every issue that needs to be told and talked about, from success to struggles."
Beach said he is now "in the process of just finding the people I want to talk to and what kind of message I want to bring."

Elder running in the 2008 Peace and Dignity run collapses and passes away on leg of route.

Short article about an Ojibway jazz artist, from Fort William First Nation.

500 ducks died in an oilsands tailing pond this week, they may be the Tip of the Ice Berg, however.
"Scientists with a U.S.-based research group called the Boreal Song Bird Initiative said there is a long documented history of bird deaths in such ponds.
Professor Jeff Wells of Cornell University said there are records of 15 species of waterfowl that have been killed on Syncrude ponds, and 22 species of other birds.
Wells said for every duck carcass found in the pond, other birds could have died and sunk to the bottom or landed in the water and then flown away, dying in the bush.
"The 500 ducks is just the tip of the iceberg," Wells said. "There is no way to know how many skeletons lie at the bottom of those ponds."

Hbc Local History Grant Program. Next deadline is August 1.
"Only Canadian applicants may apply, and only one project per applicant/organization can be submitted per year."

Sunflowers were grown as a domesticated crop in Mexico more than 2,000 years ago.


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