Wednesday, May 14, 2008

may showers

Attawapiskat evacuated (again) due to flooding. This ought to do wonders for the mold and water problems.

"Crown Copyright"; surprising mechanism of Canadian governmental censorship.

Earliest Known American Settlers Harvested Seaweed.
"When they went back to analyze material collected in the 1980s, the scientists identified nine species of marine algae recovered from hearths and other cooking features at the site, suggesting the people living there ate the plants.
Using radiocarbon dating, they dated the seaweed samples to between 14,220 to 13,980 years old..."

Second National Day of Action called for.

Will Lahti [Bozo artist at large and Bingorage consultant.] sent me these pics from a "research trip" to the Caribbean and Central America.

Selfish gene expressing itself through "coconut graffiti".
Will Lahti

Oaxaca locals going "mask-crazy" and scaring the turistas.
Will Lahti

Will Lahti

Apparently, Indians need "honouring" in other places, than North American professional and college sports teams.
Will Lahti


Stanford University; Indigenous Identity in Diaspora Series Presents Native Author Linda Hogan. May 28, 2008.
"Widely considered one of the most influential and provocative Native American figures in the contemporary American literary landscape, Hogan is a prolific writer and political, environmental, philosophical theorist..."

New Tim Giago article; Finding an Indian Role Model in Life.

The increasingly interesting and provocative NorvalMorrisseauBlog, serving up more controversy. Check out the comments.

Modern voyageurs set out.
"... recreational canoeists from across Canada have gathered to retrace most of Thompson's route -- paddling and portaging 3,600 kilometres of rivers and lakes from Rocky Mountain House to Old Fort William (a.k.a. Thunder Bay, Ont.), on the shores of Lake Superior, over the next 63 days..."

SNTC play recalls aboriginal heroine.
"... Part of a militant effort to establish aboriginal rights in the 1970s, Aquash challenged a predominantly white American culture. And as a member of a Nova Scotian Mi'kmaq band, she was doing so as a Canadian in a foreign land.
But Aquash fought her own separate battle. As a woman in a predominantly male movement she had to overcome barriers, such as sexism, that presented themselves within the movement, as well as those outside of it..."


Playwright, producers clash over "Border Crossing".
"... Accounts of what went wrong differ. By the time the play was produced, the immigrant characters were without dialogue and the Native character had been cut. Ilse says she had worked out the immigrant characters before the dialogue was written, and that the actor meant to portray the Native character suffered an injury and couldn’t perform.

Herwig and Ilse say the conflict with Rendon has been painful, but they feel they have treated Rendon and her script with respect. In e-mail exchanges a month before the play opened, Herwig and Ilse negotiated a contract with Rendon about the “excerpted and adapted” disclaimer, and tried to make amends..."

As reported in previous posting.

Marcie Rendon's blog.


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