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Media slammed over coverage of natives

OPP forgets lessons of Ipperwash.
"... One of the recommendations of the Ipperwash report (number 11, on page 694 of volume 1) was that "the OPP should ensure the involvement of First Nation police services and the assistance of First Nation mediators when it responds to aboriginal occupations and protests."
The evidence at the preliminary inquiry shows that this was indeed taking place on June 29.
However, the evidence also shows that (OPP Commissioner)Fantino repeatedly undercut such involvement by interrupting negotiations between the people blockading the 401 and First Nations constables with threatening calls to (Shawn) Brant's cellphone.
In particular, Fantino said "Shawn, your whole world is going to come crashing down on you," and "I'm now telling you `Pull the plug or you will suffer grave consequences.'" Fantino had sniper teams nearby as he made those threats, and the OPP was close to moving in.
The point is not simply that a commissioner of the OPP should speak more appropriately. The concern is that an OPP officer speaking like that in such a context could have derailed negotiations entirely, leading to a horrible outcome.
Luckily, Brant and his colleagues continued negotiations with the First Nations officers to a successful conclusion, in spite of Fantino's provocations..."

Ipperwash: in depth, at CBC.

Shawn Brant, at Wikipedia.


Afghani CTV journalist kidnapped and held for nine months at Bagram airport. Wikipedia entry for Jawed Ahmad.
Washington Post story.
"It provides a convenient place to hold people who you might not want the world to know you are holding," said Tina Monshipour Foster, a lawyer who represents Bagram detainees."


Boiling Point! Polaris report finds water in First Nations communities a "violation of fundamental human rights".
Neskantaga First Nation is situated 500 kilometres north of Thunder Bay in northern Ontario. The community of 282 has been under a boil water advisory since 1995. Polaris asks: "What other community do you know of in Canada that has been on boil water advisory for 13 years? Would this be acceptable for you, your family, friends and colleagues? What does this say about the federal government's fiduciary responsibility to First Nations health and safety?"

My friend, Gene Stoltzfus has a blog called Peace Talk, I am linking to a couple of recent postings, titled Borders and Fences and Paper Plates and Aboriginal Forests.



Coeditors Ann Fisher-Wirth and Laura-Gray Street solicit submissions for
an international anthology of ecopoetry. We are looking for a wide and
varied array of submissions. Our working definition of "ecopoetry"
flexible; it includes not only what might be called nature poetry, and
not only poetry that focuses on environmental issues, but also
experimental poetry--poetry that explores language in its relations with
the other-than-human. We welcome work by emerging as well as
established poets. We welcome serious poems, playful poems, poems in
open or traditional forms. Depending on limitations of space, we will
consider not only short poems but also poems of several pages. The
anthology will include only living poets or poets who were alive as of
July 2007, and will include only poems either written in English or
already translated into English; for poems not written in English, both
the original and the translation must be submitted, and if accepted,
both will be published. We will consider work that has been previously

The deadline for submissions is DECEMBER 15, 2008. Please send up to
six poems to BOTH Ann Fisher-Wirth and Laura-Gray Street. You may send
them as email text or by snail mail. If they come as email text, make
sure the spacing and lineation travel accurately. WE WILL NOT OPEN
ATTACHMENTS. Please also include a short bio and a cover letter, and an
SASE for our reply.

Ann Fisher-Wirth
English Department
Bondurant C-135
University of Mississippi
University, MS 38677

Laura-Gray Street
English Department
2500 Rivermont
Randolph College
Lynchburg, VA 24503


Using Modern Tools to Learn About Ancient People.
"Professors from the Bourns College of Engineering will bring their data mining and pattern recognition skills. Sang-Hee Lee, an associate professor of anthropology in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences will provide knowledge of ancient people. Together, they will build a tool to track the spread of cultural artifacts, such as petroglyphs/pictographs (rock art), projectile points (arrowheads), and ceramics."

Native author, Thomas King, is running for a federal seat, as an NDP for Guelph, Ontario, in upcoming election. [Wikipedia entry]

Black Indians Documentary as part of Native Film Series. July 31, 2008. National Center for Preservation of Democracy located at 111 North Central Avenue, L.A., California.

Native Blog, GrannyRantsOn

NARF 7th Annual Visions for the Future Benefit Art Auction.August 22, 2008, Santa Fe, NM .

Isuma.TV. The portal for Indigenous filmmakers.

Young County Native American Heritage: Indian Artifacts Exhibit at the Old Post office Museum and Art Center, Graham, Texas. August 5-21.

"Join our language society and become language warriors for Ojibwemowin.
Encourage and inspire the people around you to use Ojibwemowin everyday. "

Native American Heritage Festival, Anthony Wayne Recreation Area, Hudson Valley, NY. August 2-3.

Notes from Nuvuk."Archaeological burial recovery project from Barrow Alaska". It looks like the site that these folks are working on is being washed away by the sea. Great pics.

"ANDPVA is one of the country’s (Canada) leading Aboriginal arts service organization, representing over 300 of the country’s active artists. This member-driven, not-for-profit organization strives to serve Aboriginal arts through ongoing advocacy, special initiatives and resourceful programming..."

Bedlam Theatre becomes (Minneapolis) Fringe Central. Other stories at TCDaily, by Cyndy Collins

New Oklahoma license plates will have design based on Allan Houser "Sacred Rain Arrow" sculpture imagery.


Cradleboard makers wanted.

Richard Janulewicz, author of the book titled: “Brave Hearts And Their Cradles – A Pictorial Presentation Of Native American Cradleboards”, is searching for cradle makers to be included in his future biographical book illustrating current Native American cradle makers. If you are aware of a cradle maker that may wish to participate in this project, please have them contact Rich at: He will then provide the details.

Subject: Native Peoples Magazine

Richard Janulewicz, author of the book titled: “Brave Hearts And Their Cradles – A Pictorial Presentation Of Native American Cradleboards”, has an article in the July/August issue of Native Peoples Magazine (Collector Issue) concerning cradleboards and cradle makers. The intent of the article is to bring greater focus to a native craft that is seldom recognized. Six Native American cradle makers are featured.

Mona M Smith
Producer/director/media artist
Allies: media/art
The Ded Unkunpi Projects
4720 32nd Avenue South
Mpls., MN 55406


Native blog: NAMAPAHH Multi Media; blog for NAMAPAHH First People's Radio.

Cinéma Prospérité; $35,000 in Prizes Awarded to Top Videos Profiling Entrepreneurs.

Tim Giago articles; Billy Mills, the Pride of the Lakota Nation and Getting Your Ducks in Line Before Election Day.

Drew Hayden Taylor article; We laugh at the dark side.
"... lately, there seems to be, and I could be paranoid, a sort of subversive plot to turn me towards what can be called the Dark Side of the Farce. I've been getting more and more requests to write . . . dare I say the word . . . serious stuff..."

Saving Oneidas' language full-time pursuit.

Non-traditional totem poles.

Short article about Louise Erdrich and her latest book, The Plague of Doves.

Short article about ash splint basketry.

Native Earth Performing Arts.

Native American Minnesota.
"This blog site and related activities are guided by the Sesquicentennial Advisory Committee for Native American Partnering (SACNAP). Our plan: 1. Use web technology/social media during Minnesota’s Sesquicentennial year to chronicle events, capture stories, discuss issues, and profile people — all with the intent to facilitate the “journey of learning and understanding” of the past 150 years of native Minnesotan history. 2. Collaborate with others to create projects and/or host events that would do the same. 3. Explore ways to continue these efforts beyond 2008."

Puerto Rico Archaeological Find Mired In Politics.

Navajos Could Lose Net Access.


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