Friday, August 15, 2008

more stuff, i say

A review of current Arctic ocean national claims.

Skeet-shooting Enceladus,; great pics of Saturn moon.

Cooking helped the brain in early human evolution.

Russia and Georgia engaged in cyberwar.

Robot with a rat brain. Seriously.

A really disgusting story of medical negligence.


National Call For Art Submissions (Native American and Latina Women).

"Pura Fe was the founding member of the internationally recognised a capella trio Ulali. These pioneers in Native American women's music created a new genre before Pura Fe decided to move into a solo career..."

Former Seattle actress Misty Upham finds a great role in "Frozen River". Frozen River site, at Sony Classics.

Anishinabek News, now online. Not much there, yet, but check out the archives.

Another Native blog, Richard Wagamese, Native Author.
"I am the author of four novels and two memoirs... I'm a former journalist and winner of the National Newspaper Award for Column Writing. I've been fortunate to work extensively in both radio and television documentary."

Jimmy Abeita: Navajo artist made history
by changing genre’s style

New exhibit overturns preconceptions.
"Remix (June 7-September 21, 2008)," the current exhibit of the National Museum of the American Indian at the George Gustave Heye Center in lower Manhattan, is a challenging show.
The subtitle is equally challenging, "New Modernities in a Post-Indian World." That's just in case you didn't know what you were in for and might be expecting feathers and beads..."

'Celebration' offers vivid look at Native art, dance in Panhandle.

Native Warrior Exhibit set for first exclusive showing at Royal Scandinavian.

NAPT Producer Profile: John Gregg, Sr.

Rock art marks transformations in traditional Peruvian societies.

Man uploads his collection of rare 78 rpm recordings.

"PanTV is the pioneering Canadian Brazilian webcast that promotes the integration between the English and Portuguese-speaking population in Canada..."


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