Thursday, March 25, 2010

DEBATE March 25

Most thumbnail pics and medium size pics will now click to a larger detail photo, in separate page. Please let me know of any missing image links. The accompanying video is a comprehensive history of this piece; from its earliest paint until its current incarnation, as seen from a single perspective. Let me know what you think.

The DEBATE composition is painted on a "masonite board". I'm not sure how long the base will last. Maybe the glue in the board will end up disintegrating in a few hundred years; turning to fine piney dust, as the Mona Lisa sails on and every Morrisseau, not on canvas, turns to dust, also. Painting on Masonite, might be like painting on tar-filled birchbark; it might be like painting on acid-filled Kraft paper, turning brown in the fresh air.

The Crane figure that appears in this composition is not the same figure that appears in the "Crane PowWow Dancer" painting. That piece is part of an upcoming show at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery, "Celebrating The Creators". April 3 - May 23, 2010. Opening reception: April 9, 7:30 pm.
I will probably be there for the opening.

As the young Crane Shaman dances, his turtle rattle resonates with the land and scores him points. The HummingMallard collects nectar, obliviously. One of the Crane's bells falls, ominously.



It is an ongoing arguement, older than the land. Crane and Corvid engage again; over the skies of my homeland.

Their discourse has has carved the soil and bedrock of my roots.

Technology arrives.

Iron, light and water flow; carbon tides and code salad.

"As long as the sun shall shine, the slither flow and carpets spread."

Your memes are true believers...

As old battles wage and the future looms, a third person is called-for. I will keep that in mind, whenever I start tossin' paint at this piece, again.


DEBATE; acrylic on masonite_Jan.-March 2010


The DEBATE video is similiar in format, to this "Chinaski of RedLake, Ontario" vid. Chinaski of Red Lake; previously posted, here.



willie said...

Hokahey my indian brother! Your page seems much faster with the new format. I'm liking the debate painting a lot. Don't fuck with it too much more. Maybe you need some sort of guardian with the authority to take paintings away from you once and a while.

Steve Julian said...

I like the evolution. Just wondering if the material that you use, takes away from the art? Do people de-value an art piece based on its material? Just wondering. I know art is suppose to be enjoyed for what it is and not for what it is made of.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the evolution of the DEBATE with Alex....commented how much your pieces can change..or "evolve", I'm just so dang proud of you(tear...a moment...ok, I'm good)...Ok Serious....just so proud of like the new format btw!!!
Alex and Shawna :)

fatmagülün suçu ne said...

thank you