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MetaRage - March 3, 2010 - Linkypost+Artpost

As you can see, I have finally made the switch to the "New Blogger" template. The main reason that I have done so, is the ease of access to "older posts". I will tweak the new setup, shortly.

BingoRage has had a few technical problems affecting new and old postings, which I’ll tell you about, shortly. The long-promised third installment of the LeechWater story, is in the pipeline; I swear. Find LEECHWATER part 1 [here] and part 2 [here]. *N.B. The chapters contain swear words and offensive, hard-to-explain behaviour. Be forewarned.

BingoRage, representin'! in Thunder Bay. The Crane , Powwow Dancer painting will be at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery, in an April show. This is the Bio. that I sent them:

Eric C. Keast is a self taught contemporary artist combining various media: Painting, papier-mache,
beadwork, writing, etc.. He has been documenting his work -online- in photographs and
video since returning to Canada, after ten years in Minneapolis, where he studied
and worked with Anurag Art Bronze |Studio and Foundry, Heart of the Beast Puppet
and Mask Theatre's MayDay parade and festival, Two Rivers Gallery at MPLS
American Indian Centre and a Native American Youth Shelter.

In the 1980's and 1990's, Eric studied the rock art forms of the Canadian Shield, pictographs and petroglyphs,
and prehistoric material culture, while working for the Regional Archaeology unit and
the Ontario Rock Art Conservation Association in Kenora, ON.

While not a strict follower of the Woodlands School / "X-ray" forms of representation,
Eric's work is influenced by the source material and strong lines of Woodlands art.

Eric received an Ontario Arts Council "Northern Arts" grant this winter, which will be used
to: a) create a mural wall / theatrical space infrastructure at SpiritFire Park in Devlin, ON
b) sculpt a large foam/clay sturgeon model, create and install a papier mache copy of the Sturgeon Mother
at SpiritFire Park
c) Lead a mural design/installation workshop with the UMAYC program, from the Fort Frances UNFC
d) Hold a grand opening event in August 2010, presenting a theatrical performance in new space and
host performance by T-Bay's Rodney Brown.

Old BingoRage studio window, with another Crane.

The media accompanying today’s BingoRage are some sketch pics and a video-montage of: pencil sketches, digital paint and acrylic paintings; mostly exploring sculptural-composition. The individual pics are newer, some of the archived montage images were previously posted at BingoRage. Video is at the end of the posting. Thumbnails click to detailed PhotoBucket page.

Let me apologise, again, for the delay. I do have a good reason; two, really. One quick and one slow.

I crashed my new laptop computer, trying to install another Linux OS and lost recent, unbacked-up writing. There is a side story about seeking an OS to run my newly-obsolete scanner (Thank you, Vista (TM).); but, I digress. The BingoRage/Broken Vulture Art pics and video archive originals are safe and backed-up! Yay!

My old, online photo-hoster,, however, is close to completely broken, and I have spent too long watching and hoping. I am now posting my pics to Photobucket. There is a possibility that my blog’s archived posts may get their Zoto image links restored, but it doesn’t look promising. I am viewing this situation as an opportunity to revisit, categorise and tag previous imagery and to rebuild the BingoRage blog archive with new and updated posts regarding older work.

I plan to read these LeechWater episodes, eventually, as a podcast novella, but I will begin my podcast efforts, with the reading of Larry Mitchell's Potowatomi Tracks. I was given permission by his widow to record and post an audio of his work and am prepared to try. (Chapter 1, text, available online.)

Larry became an online friend of mine, when I first began blogging. He was supportive of my efforts and glad to see results of his own community-building. He sent me his novel and donated to my online tip jar, for paint; at a time that BingoRage Studio could not afford paint. Larry was taken from the world, too early. He was taken from me before I even had the chance to shake his hand. He only lived a six-hours drive from here.

His blog is still archived. I encourage you to discover his words, there, before they get wiped by some server’s janitor bot. I will see about availability of publication availability, with his estate.

I have a slightly better microphone, now, a new laptop and a quiet place to do the recording. I am learning how to use the audio software, AUDACITY. I will post the feed, when I have online-hosting figured out.



Scratchings on 60 000 year old ostrich eggshells is the earliest known capture of information by symbolic means. Previous storage of information on Earth had been captured by the code of organic chemistry (DNA). These egg shells may represent a datapoint in time when the human consciousness was making the steps from instinct to thought.

Forgiveness not possible for some residential school survivors: commissioner
"Many people say they can never forgive anybody. We've heard elders say you can't forgive an institution that doesn't have a soul or a spirit"

Holy Crap! Grizzly bears are moving into polar bear territory in Manitoba! That's nearly next door.
But, wait! Polar bears may have survived previous climate change.

This is an amazing flashpage, which would make a great educational tool to demonstrate the scales of objects and knowledge on the universe; Scale of the universe.

We really are learning new things about the human past, every day. Each month, our grasp of the depth and richness of human evolution and cultural resources grows. I have put this online magazine in a bookmark area that I visit occasionally and was particularly impressed with the most recent posts; Archaeology Daily News. Good resource, everybody.

The increasing access to information, networking and education continues to grow,online; but I worry that the depth of access to knowledge is widely self-constrained in a world of constant interaction and social updates.

[Tangent alert.] As we mature with the new technologies, perhaps we will treat it less as a compelling, emergent, imaginary friend and more of a tool.

[Tangent alert.] Anyways... I remember giving several people the following piece of my best advice: "You may be haunted by the dead, cursed by a witch, or in the thrall of a negative persona; but the only power that a thing, person, demon or idea has over you...
is the power that you give it/him/her/etc.

Buddha say: "Stop, drop and listen, hard. Then shut up... and clean in here, a bit. Quietly."

{BingoRage disclaimer: I have no actual personal knowledge that Buddha actually ever said any of the preceding quote.}

Wilma ManKiller; one of the most influential Native American politicians, ever, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. That's hard news. Wilma Mankiller [Wikipedia entry] was probably not only the most recognised Aboriginal leader in North America, for a time, but also one of the most visible female politicians in the United States. What is truly undeniable, however, is that she possesses the most blatant and intimidating name of any republic or feudal politics going back to Vlad the Impaler. She even participated in the AIM occupation of Alcatraz. Baaad AAaassss!

Trivia: Native Actor and Law and Order alum, Benjamin Bratt was at Alcatraz occupation, as a kid.

Chilean earthquake measureably changed the length of the Earth day and tilt of its axis. The cockroach archaeologists of the deep future may need to calibrate for these big earthquakes, in their dating methods.


I have been listening to a great audiobook, Bill Bryson’s "A Short History of Nearly Everything". It is an incredible achievement, in stitching the whole general history of humans, the world and the universe into a coherent snapshot. While much of the scientific landscape has seen literal mounds of exciting new discoveries since its publication, the story is still solid. Mr. Bryson’s biography of our entire human family is embedded in the fabric of the cosmos at the greatest and smallest scales.

This book created an inspiring and productive atmosphere at BingoRage Studio; resonating strongly with recent explorations in composition: Oral History and the transmission of unique memeplexes. The surprising tragedy of Cultural Homogenisation. Transhumanism. The Future. Our embedding in time. My Native Humanity and yours. Etcetera.

I am really pleased to have been given this recommendation by my good friend Tosh, of Anurag Art infamy. One of my bronze-slinging, hard-casting sculpture posse.

The "surprising tragedy of Cultural homogenisation" is my phrasing, not Mr. Bryson's. It is not "the loss of races"; a primitive understanding of humanity, a strongly "old-world" view. We, Indigenous, are not being "lost" in the genetic sense, but we are reintegrating with Humanity, whole. We are a genetic and cultural iceberg Various Indigenous populations around the world are reinfusing the human genome with genetic variety achieved over the last million years of our species' experiments in isolation and invention. The real loss is the experimental variety of cultural solutions, ethics and knowledge produced by our ice-age dispersal.

Another Wikipedia-related project; Wikispecies. Big Idea: Perhaps isolated Northern Rez.'s can become sources for cataloguing, discovering and exploring remote flora and fauna. Project needs: Money. Solid energy, plumbing and internet infrastructure. Training, education and new shoes. Blend. They are already onsite and would rather not have to move to Detroit, or Toronto.


Mom's Morrisseau. Definite sculpture potential.
norval morrisseau original, on kraft paper

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