Monday, January 10, 2011

Eric, in the BingoRage Studio; with the H+ canvas [formerly "TREE canvas"]


I just looked at my archives;
it seems that I haven't blogged this painting before(!!!).
I thought that I had... apparently, I started to,
then never got around to finishing and publishing.
Video, from Spring 2010, after the pics.
Thumbnails click to enlarge on separate page.

"H+" January 10, 2011.
The raptor is not a dinosaur. Everything in the painting is a human, in deep future.
Canvas:7 feet wide and 4 feet high; 4 inches deep.
Click for XL photo.
broken vulture art,BingoRage,acrylic painting,native art,Ojibway,studio

Initial sketch.
H+,TREE canvas,BingoRage,Broken Vulture Art, Eric C. Keast

Canvas build; December 2009.

stretching canvas

Artist (Eric C. Keast) and the work. Jan.11, 2011.


The video chronicles early work on this piece.
Music by Trip Wamsley, at Magnatune Records.


Keth Olbermann commenting on the Arizona assassination attempt and the media/political response.


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