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SpiritFirePark sponsorship project, Zzorhn & BingoRage Wandercast Season 1 Episode 5 "Internet Gaming 01" and Warcraft-audiencemanship

(Updated Oct.14, 2011: Sponsorship details added, below.
Oct.15: minor edits, pic moved and title change,
Returning viewers, please note sponsorship package notation.)

There are three grown men in the room, actively ignoring me while I try to ask them some serious questions. Nuts and bolts -type questions about game mechanics and battle strategy of "World of Warcraft". They are speaking aloud to each other, gesturing and making grand grunting noises occasionally.

It's Alliance vs. Horde, baby.

There are other grown men, grown women, children and perhaps bots on this battlefield, from all over the world. My acquaintances are being attacked by an emergent army of different species, genders, "classes" and levels. This particular battleground pits 15 enemies against our side's 15; I lose track of who is winning and how. I think that this war battle may be timed, but I am not sure. My friend's character stands on a hill, defending some flag while his team is getting their ass kicked somewhere else. I feel distinct hostility from the group as he answers my questions and encourages me to walk around in his skin as the others continue to get beat down, mano a monster. We win, somehow. The guys compare their stats and brag about their "damage per second", etc..

Later, we refought the battle of Normandy in WOW fashion; a tall ship has docked and is spilling attackers onto the pier. Our side play the allegorical German gunners, as we rain havoc with steampunk/magic cannon on the seaside. [Parabolic laser-tracer sights.] We retreat inland and upwards as chugging siege engines follow. Eventually, there is no higher ground to fall back to. Afterwards, our guys attack from the shore in a reversal of roles; the time difference to the "objective" determining the winner. One of our players falls into a hole on the dock and is stuck for the entirety of the attack. He can't even kill himself and rejoin the fight.

We're waiting for the next battle to start, wandering around some medieval village comparing companion animals and "mounts", etc. One guy can summon a troupe of Scottish Highland dancers, but is saddened to admit that they can't be summoned in battle.

There is loose talk of fishing, "grinding", foodstuffs, trading and manufacture "in-game" as we wait out the "11 minute average wait-time". An ominous theme plays through the speakers as we are summoned to the dungeon.

"Everybody stay together"
"Eat that fish before we go any further"
"10 seconds..."
"Is that a Boss?" (I say)
"No, that's garbage." (A doorman, of sorts.)
"Somebody pulled!" Evidently "pulling" is bad, because our group is buried in an avalanche of hideous critters.
"Tanks are supposed to pull, but this Tank blows."

I wonder, aloud, why they can't attack with their mounts. "What's the point of riding a Raptor (dino) or a Dragon if you can't attack with it?" All present agree with me.

"Is that a Boss?"
"That... is a Boss."
It looks like a gigantic-metallic-grim-reaper-demon-arthropod wielding a battle-axe the size of a bus.

"My guild got hacked once... we saw a character going back and forth to a mailbox... robbed us blind."

"Tank's not going to like that you're pulling all the attention."

My notes end at this point. Much fun was had by all, then they went out dancing.


Please be forewarned: The following podcast contains adult language, sulky muttering and poorly thought-out arguements.


SFP Sculptural Sponsorship Opportunity

These pics show the last big change to the Sturgeon Mama sculptural model, moving the pelvic fins back and lower on the body; a more realistic position. I have striven to make the proportions of this piece realistic, while employing a stylised representation of the fish's body.

The sturgeon has become more realistically proportioned and anatomically corrected as the modeling evolved. The process is further documented in a previous BingoRage posting (photos and video).

Paper copies of this piece will be available for purchase (profits supporting BingoRage Studio and Spirit Fire Park)Papier-mache replicas of the "Sturgeon Mama" will be available in "plain paper"/finish-at-home form, or finished by #BingoRageStudio; available in hanging, wall-mount or floor mount.

We are also looking for someone to sponsor a bronze casting/installation at Spirit Fire Park, which will also provide us with the means to offer residencies to regional artists and expand our "canvas" footprint at the park.

Proposed Sponsorship Project at Spirit Fire Park:
The "Sturgeon Mama" Installation.

A large, gravid Sturgeon swims over exposed bedrock ridges and between the Aspen, sinking towards the forest floor's forage; Bronze back glints amongst the Balsams as distant train whistle blows.

The Ontario Arts Council funded our inaugural season as a public artpark, generously supporting the building of our multipurpose muralwall, paper mask-making for our theatre space and sculpture creation for installation in the park. The sculpting of the foam/clay sculpture model "Sturgeon Mama" is a direct result of that OAC Northern Arts project.

With this sponsorship project, we would like to fund: 1) the creation of a rubber and plaster negative mold, 2) wax positive casts of the fish's form, 3) plaster investments and ceramic shells for the wax segments, 4) casting, fabrication and "finishing" of the bronze sculpture, 5) delivery and installation of the mounted and finished bronze, [subtotal: $ 110 000]

6) 4 artist residencies at Spirit Fire Park over the next two years [subtotal :$ 20 000]

7) ongoing BingoRage studiowork and 8) continuing infrastructure development and maintenance at the park. [subtotal: $ 50 000]

Total sponsorship package: $ 180 000 (N.B. - Subject to change if the price of copper skyrockets + any applicable taxes/duty/etc.)

The "Sturgeon Mama" will be available for private purchase, after we fund the rubber and plaster mold-making process; currently at $ 95 000 (N.B. - plus delivery and installation + any applicable taxes/duty/etc.).
* It is important to note that individual destinations and installation requirements need to be addressed and funded budgeted separately from the casting/fabrication/finishing process.


We are particularly excited at the opportunity of enabling and encouraging regional arts-community development in NW Ontario.

Please pass this sponsorship opportunity along if you know someone looking for large fish sculpture, riverside-park installation needs, memorial plaques in their name, money spilling out of their pockets, etc.


The boys at Anurag Art - Bronze Foundry and Studio are just lickin' their lips to get started on this project.


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