Friday, December 09, 2011

Twilight And Totem-Pole Painting Puzzle - Nov. 2011

Update: 5pm - Auction link fixed and podcast link added. Dec. 10_3am - Embed latest podcast, with flash player. Add more pics.

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Season 01 Episode 12

Our Winter 2011-2012 Sponsorship-piece will go on auction at Ebay, December 9, 2011; 9AM PST Twilight And Totem-Pole Painting Puzzle - Nov. 2011

The chickenosaurus is... perhaps, not as feared as the brave JohnnyCat, but it is still a formidable presence. However, in the company of dubious bunnies and pop-vampirism, it feels like a lamer. Bad chickenosaurus.

The canvas was begun after this autumn's deercamp. It underwent many changes -as you can see, in the video- but managed to maintain its chickenosaurusness.

I am auctioning off this work to help cover our butts for the winter, so if you have some rich uncle or crazed hippy bosses with money in their mattress, please forward this post. The auction begins Dec.09 and only runs for seven days. There is a chance that it may reach its destination for Xmas, depending on the vagaries of paypal transaction, but is more likely to be shipped in the new year.

The chickenosaurus doesn't yet exist, but Jack Horner is trying to unleash it upon the world. Way to go, science!!

More disturbing than the chickenosaurus or the loose vampirism, of course, are the bunnies of ill-repute that seem harmless, but are just biding time.

So, be a good lad/lass and chuck us some dough, or badger someone with real money, for us. Miigwitch. (That's for the cashy skins out there.)

Oh, look... It's that brave JohnnyCat. Good Johnny.


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