Monday, December 19, 2011

The Old Sea Captain Vs. The Ancestral Jay

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I had said that this painting reminded me of an Ojibway archetype; an essential battle, a terrifying synergy between water and sky on a big lake or other substantial expanse of water. The mythological imagery that leaps to mind is the purported enmity between the Thunderbirds and Mizhepezhou.

In this canvas, the water role is played by the "Old Sea Captain"; A bushy-lookin', clay-pipe chompin', twisted and dehumanised Davy Jones mutey (mutant, not speechless).

He is spewing/projecting some offensive force that penetrates and defeats "The Ancestral Jay", a now-extinct corvid of dubious anatomy.

Part 1

Part 2

After stretching and fixing the canvas onto the boxframe, I mixed various blues, green and white to make a turqoisey colour for the background. Using the handle of my paintbrush, I "scratched" a quick sketch into the wet paint.

Honestly; the canvas didn't look like much after first paint. The scratch lines were traced with grays and whites, dull sage greens. When I started throwing paint at the hair, it began to change.

Adding black, hard lines to the Sea Captain turned it from a full profile to a partially straight-on face. Dripping paint reinforced the throat lines of the bird.

Introducing the pipe nearly obliterated the jaw, which had been defined with thick, hard, dark lines. It reaches far into "our" space; the bowl becoming the foremost foreground.


Detail pics of the Old Sea Captain and The Ancestral Jay, before the solid, tube-squeezed lines and dots of the final changes.


Joe Rogan, discussing #OWS on his great podcast.


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