Friday, September 09, 2005

Second Bingorage Art Giveaway Contest !!!!

Hello 'ragers.

The first Bingorage Art Giveaway was a success. Two unframed paintings were sent out: one to Seabeck, WA and the other across the river to International Falls.

For the second Bingorage Art Giveaway, I've decided to send out a Whitetail Deer antler/rawhide rattle and a painting. I'll be going deer-hunting at the end of October and should be able to get new supplies for the rattle.(NB: The rattle, below, is a sample. The Giveaway rattle will be a simpler two-piece rattle head, with a unique antler handle. I'll post pics as it develops.) The painting will be a Thingie on Stonehenge paper.

I'll make the draw in that order (rattle, painting), using the same methodology that I used for the first Giveaway:
Assign each entry a number and use the site to generate two numbers, corresponding to an entrant. Let's make a date for the next draw: November 20, 2005. That should give me time after deer hunt to finish and get it to you by X-mas.

As in the first Giveaway: This is a BS-free zone. No entry fees, no shipping and handling, no spam database-building, etcetera. [The tip jar, however, is always open for business ;) ]

So. A clarification: To enter the Bingorage Giveaway, send an email to,
with"contest" in the subject line. There is a link in the sidebar. Thanx.

Okay, 'Ragers... Spread the word.



MooseGuts said...



I want me some rattly sweetness.



Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

Alright. I forgot to put the "email entry" bit in the original posting. Ryan, ya gotta go through the step like evryone else.

Michael Orr said...

I'm in.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea...I'm in too.

Jade L Blackwater said...

rage on

Anonymous said...

raging hormones said...too silly you!