Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bingorage retrofit.

I have been up all night, finishing the little roadtrip posting, below, and trying to revamp the Bingorage site. I considered moving the whole shebang over to a couple different templates; but after trying them on, I figured on saving a whole lotta grief... just by tweaking this one. So...


-less clutter; the sidebar spacing has been changed and old links have been reevaluated &/or moved.

-less bloat; the background and the banner have been trimmed

-an attempt to make the photo sizing smaller and more consistent recently (which you may or may not have noticed), so that slow connections load faster

-fewer posts on the main page

Okay... laterz.


A current Miss Loontrout detail.
A current Miss Loontrout detail.

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1 comment:

JLB said...

I like the new Bingorage look, and the reduction in clutter. Have you registered the bingorage domain for your future site?

By the by, Miss Loontrout is coming along nicely too. I like the water ripples.

PS - Sorry if my comments show up more than once... I've been having issues with Blogger today.