Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How I spent my day

Hey Bingoragers!

I just spent all day going back over the postings for the last year; cleaning up some useless ones, amalgamating some small ones into larger ones and adding Technorati "tags" to all going back to last march.

Why? Am I adding "tags" to the postings? To bring new viewers into the Bingorage fold. It's supposed to help people and search engines find the postings by searching the tags. You may have noticed the little list of words at the end of each posting for the last four months or so. You can click on these word-links and they will take you to the Technorati website, where you can see if anyone else has tagged their postings with the same or similar tag; supposedly helping you find other postings on similar topics from other blogs/sites using tags.

I hope that this will be of some use for yous and I. One problem that I can already see, though, is that other people don't spell their tags correctly and so may not get linked with my posts. Oh well; I think I'll stick to the Queen's engrish, for now.

papier mache figure by Eric Keast; Broken Vulture Art.

I've been doing some papier-mache workshops at a drop-in centre, here in town; this boxy guy is one of the pieces that I've collaborated on.

We've been working on masks, mostly, but I hope to put together a float, of sorts for the Canada Day parade. You can see some of the work we've been doing over at this site. Check it out.



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JLB said...

Hey hey, those projects look great! I definitely want to see the float!

You know, your blog is the first place I ever saw the Technorati tags... I started doing that for a while, and then I got totally lazy about it and fell off the wagon. The only problem I found were tags of the same name which linked to totally unrelated material... but hey, that's bound to happen with any sort of search engine.

I never thought about going back and retrofitting my posts with rati tags... great idea! That's going on my to-do list. :)

will said...

not related to this topic at all, but to canada. just read a great quote by al capone "canada? i don't even know what street its on..". ignorance or insult? at any rate, i thought it was pretty funny. by the way, i actually like canadia.