Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Canadian Soldiers no longer worthy of half-mast flags?

Rick Mercer's Blog: Priority Six - We are a bunch of Pricks

Rick Mercer gives a little rant. About what?... The conservative government will no longer lower the flag on parliament hill when a Canadian soldier dies.

I guess... that's the type of thing that happens when I leave the country for a few days.
In a Globe And Mail story, the conservative spokesperson (Def. Minister Gordon O'Connor) says that all soldier's deaths will now be honoured on one day, November 11;
"We've just returned to a tradition.".

I kinda remember the Tories (conservatives) being the ones who howl when a soldier's patriotic death is not properly honoured. Either: the smell of power, money and hubris in the halls of parliament has pickled their brains, or they are expecting/planning to get our military in a whole lotta crap and would hate to keep the Parliamentary Hill flag at half-mast 24/7/365

Let us hope that I am wrong, or that they will find a way to stop giving the country away to the super-rich of the world AND buy enough body armour for the army.

Okay... enough politics for today. Wait... Another story, about a father who wrote a letter asking 'why?' soldiers weren't being given this honour, shortly before his own son was killed in Afghanistan.


Jade L Blackwater said...

Downright dismal. Thank you for sharing this news, sad as it is.

Anonymous said...

as far as body armor goes, i was reading a news story somewhere, sorry i can't find it now, where a bunch of soldiers in iraq actually explained how they don't like to wear the body armor since it cuts down severely on ones range and speed of motion, a couple real important things i guess when one is being shot at.

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

When being chased and shot at by Iraqui insurgents, my preferred mode of self - defense is the tactical nuclear hand grenade, two-day adult diaper and the knitted fall-out blanket.