Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Phantompalooza, baby.


Official Phantompalooza site.

Great Phantom of the Paradise movie review at

phantom of the paradise
The "Phantom"

I don't remember, exactly, when I first saw this movie, but I do remember the effect it had on me as a child. I was thrilled and, occasionally, scared silly. I had not yet read, or otherwise heard of, The Phantom of the Opera, or Dorian Gray stories; so, it was an exhilirating entree.

I had the chance to see it again a few months ago...

Boy... is it cheezy. But in a great disco-pop, melodrama cheezy kinda way. The songs still work for me; Paul Williams was near the height of his fame and game, at the time (He made for a great bad guy, too). I was able to appreciate the film in a new and interesting way, this time, however: I watched the film as a creation of Brian DePalma; "years before Carrie and Dressed to Kill" (Phrase from HorrorWood review). The split screen and synchronised tracking of the pre-concert scenes are devices that will be seen again in later thrillers, like Blow Out (John Travolta, Nancy Allen).

Phantom of the Paradise has been labeled as Winnipeg's favourite movie. April 29'th will be the next Phantompalooza event in Winnipeg; with film screenings, a new documentary, "intimate" Paul Williams concerts and phantom-styled party. Be there or be rhomboid.

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