Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Inuit Bone / Tooth / Ivory carvings?

MY gramma Edith and Grampa Charlie worked on the DEW-line, feeding the guys who were watching for the Russkies to sneak over Canada to get at the quivering Americans below. Grampa is a chef and gramma was no mean cook; she was also a baker.
DEW-line History

I remember their collection of soapstone carvings, bone and antler sculpture, furs and prints; from when I was a child. Here are a few of the pieces that we have.
Pics click to enlarge.

Inuit Ivory / Bone carvings.
Inuit Ivory / Bone carvings. The two pieces on the left are capped (both; about 4cm, bone-length), to be used as pendants, the rightmost piece (5.2 cm high) had a pendant attachment at one time.

Inuit Ivory / Bone carvings.

The larger piece (broken into two pieces, with a couple fragments missing) is 12.5 cm high and 4.5 cm wide at the shoulder. The small Animal-face at bottom right is missing a tooth/tusk; It attaches to the larger piece by the two projections at the lower abdomen level.

Inuit Ivory / Bone carvings.

Inuit Ivory / Bone carvings.

Anybody know what these types of carvings are called? Please comment and/or email me. Thanks.


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Clint said...

I would say that they are more likely Alaskan rather than Inuit from Canada. The Alaskans have tended to use much more ivory and bone than the Inuit. The subjects could be either some sort of transformation or shamanism. Interesting pieces. YOu might be able to repair them too. If you ever intend to sell them, you might try Waddington's in Toronto for an appraisal.


dog soldier said...

thats right man, sell someone elses history. thats exactly what i would do. i come to you financially embarrassed. could i bour 32 cents?

JLB said...

I don't know what they're called, but I call them BEAUTIFUL!

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

Thanx Clint / JLB.
Here's 31 cents, dogsoldier.