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Historical Matrimonial Law adopted by Anishinabek

The widow of a Sakimay First Nation band member is being evicted because she is not a band member. This is actually a common problem, especially where housing is short, but there are efforts underway to stop it from happening. The sticking point? An attempt to legislate such protections would infringe the sovereignty of first nations.

Is the Canadian military treating First Nation warrior societies as "insurgents"?
The military's decision to identify the Mohawk Warrior Society and "radical Native American organizations" as insurgents in a draft version of a guerrilla warfare field manual has sparked concern among First Nations.

Pit house; reinvented.
A chief of the St'át'imc First Nation in Lillooet, he has spent the past eight months building and rebuilding what is underneath: a traditional pit house, an in-ground, circular dwelling in which his people used to live.

Because no St'át'imc now alive has had the experience of residing in one, the execution of the pit house has been a painstaking, trial-and-error experience.

Very cool historical photo archive, at WestCoaster.Ca.

Gibson archives,
Gibson archives,

BC philanthropic couple donating their home to First Nation collective.
Five years ago, the pair decided that upon their death, ownership of the land would revert to its original owners – the very first owners – the natives who once made their homes near Gonzales Hill and the surrounding land in McNeill Bay.

It is the second such gesture the pair have made, all part of what Marion describes as an effort to reverse some of the injustices visited upon Canada’s aboriginal peoples.

Fifteen years ago, stirred by the conflicts arising in Oka only a few years before, the couple donated a massive farm in New Brunswick to a collective of native interests.

Awesome papier mache project found on youtube.
"Our 2006 Halloween Yard Display consisted of: Five, nine-foot high skeleton creatures. Each piece for the skeletons were created individually then attached to a support frame made from 2x4's..."


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