Sunday, April 08, 2007

Priming the Bass Sculpture, etc.

A short vid about the first coat of paint on the new and improved Smallmouth Bass sculpture. Pics below.


The latest security patch from M$oft broke my computer (and many others) by messing with my 'Realtek HD Audio Control Panel'. There is a hotfix patch available if yours broke, too.

Chimps, ancestors and us:

An Austrian court is going to rule on whether a specific Chimpanzee, named Hiaasl, should get the protections of "Human Rights".

A new "modern" human fossil specimen has been found, in China.
" The fossilized remains date to 38,000 to 42,000 years ago, making it the oldest modern human skeleton from eastern Eurasia, and one of the oldest modern humans from the region, the authors of the paper said. The specimen is basically a modern human, but with a few archaic characteristics in the teeth and hand bone."

Other genetic research shows that there have been three major migrations of the hominid line, out of Africa, for the past 1.9 million years (
Homo Erectus and Archaic Homo Sapiens).
"By the time you're done with this phase you can be 99 percent confident that there was recurrent genetic interchange between African and Eurasian populations," he said. "So the idea of pure, distinct races in humans does not exist. We humans don't have a tree relationship, rather a trellis. We're intertwined."

BBC article about the Chinese fossil.
" The single toe bone which was unearthed seems to suggest the individual wore shoes, pushing back the earliest known evidence for footwear by about 10,000 years."


Podcasts [I have not listened to all the podcasts listed and cannot vouch for any content. *Strong language possible*.]:

Todays first podcast sample is "powwowcast"#10 (January 2007).
Feature Interview: Rusty Gillette with

Bird Singing Feature: Interview about Bird singing and dancing from Morongo Thunder and Lighting Pow Wow.

Get all the "Powwowcasts", here.

My second podcast sample; Indian Country Today; podcast 68.

Podcast: Indian Country Headline News
What is it?: A weekly audio podcast providing a summary of national news items important to all Native communities.

Find other Indian Country podcasts,here.

Other Native podcasts:


NDNTV podcast

The Podtribe

Resources and random stuff:

" Welcome to, produced and edited by Joey Skaggs. Here you will find insights, information, news and discussions about pranks, hoaxes, culture jamming & reality hacking around the world - past, present and future - mainstream and counter culture. You are invited to contribute to its development. May your journey be filled with more than your expectations."

After the first year of an expanded Daylight Savings Time (DST), energy companies report that there was no real energy savings; but, the USA Congress had to be seen as doing something about rampant energy consumption. And now, it will probably not be returned to previous length because of all the hassle we went through to lengthen it.
8-P powwow calendar.

The Falmouth Institute.
" Welcome to Falmouth Institute Online. For more than 20 years, the Institute has been assisting Indian tribes, tribal organizations and government agencies to meet the complex challenges of Indian Country. We've established ourselves as the leading provider of training seminars and conferences, hands-on consulting, and publishing services dedicated solely to the issues impacting tribes today."

The NDP "Aboriginal" platform, as currently stands. For our American cousins; NDP stands for New Democratic Party.

The 90'th anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge is approaching this weekend. Some say it marks the point at which Canada stopped being an extension of the British Empire and became a country.
" The Canadian Corps' commanders were determined to learn from the mistakes of the French and British... including issuing detailed maps to ordinary soldiers rather than officers or NCOs alone. Each platoon was to be given a complete picture of the battle plan and given a specific task, rather than vague instructions from an absent general. This new approach in battle planning, a departure from generations of British military protocol..."

Great bagel tip at Lifehacker.

These pics click to enlarge.

Messy studio shot.

Priming the bass sculpture.



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