Friday, April 13, 2007

fake trees and real peeps

I got the idea for these artificial bonsais from a Discovery Channel (Canada) show called How It Is Made. The structure is built up with wire or pipe cleaner and paper towel. The bark is papier mache and the foliage is plastic... or shell... or sumpin else. I have decided to take liberties with the form.

Artificial Bonsai #1, with autumn clamshell foliage, on antler (unfinished):






Artificial Bonsai #2, with fauxvergreen foliage, on amethyst:




Leslie Marmon Silko:

Wikipedia entry

Famous Native author speaks at OSU


I came to LMS through a recommendation to read Almanac of the Dead; an epic story. Her great critical success is Ceremony. When I did a search on the novel, I found plenty of critics' reviews. [Sample].

Notes on Ceremony
Random resources and stuff:

Interview with Tara J. Ryan ; president and owner of Tijer Lily Co, a Native entertainment promotion and management service... Regarding the clueless casting for "Native" roles by mainstream cinema. At

A tribe of Indigenous people, The Piraha, were discovered in South America a few decades ago. What makes these people so important to the world of Anthropology is that their language is apparently devoid of many components that we take for granted. Things like the past, future, colours and numbers!!!!
"Well; how could they not have those things?", you say.
One of the little nuggets that I picked up in Anthropology classes is that "lack of cultural components does not indicate "primitiveness" so much as it demonstrates lack of need for such things, in a given environment". Huh?
They do not have TV's because they do not need TV's. Apparently; they have no use for anything higher in number than "one" or "many", either.

Awesome 3D Italian graffiti.

Start exploring the Haida language.

T-Rex proteins have been isolated from fossilised bones and compared to living critters... and the closest match?...
It's not definitive, but it's another piece of evidence backing the bird-dinosaur connection.

Ever felt like an outsider? Like you didn't belong? Alone?
Listen to this.

Thanks to revmitcz.


big dumb farmboy said...

dude. almanac of the dead is one of the greatest influences in my life. one of the only books i've read multiple times. she gave the the idea that every bag of weed i ever sold was a victory against the system. don't ask me how i came to that conclusion, but i did. if i could ever write a book like that... that fucker gave me hope in a dark time.

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

Thanks BDF. It was your recommendation, of course.

jlb said...

I dig the artificial bonsai (and submitted the link for the upcoming Festival of the Trees).

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

Thanks JLB.