Friday, April 20, 2007

goodbye good fences

The Nunavut government had formerly declared that Polar bears were not in decline, but they have backtracked, and are now admitting that bear numbers are in decline.

As the arctic polar icecap continues to melt, questions about Canada's sovereignty in the arctic will grow. What does that mean? Nation states and merchant shippers around the world are looking forward to the day when The Northwest Passage [Walrus Magazine article on Arctic sovereignty] opens up, saving time and money on an east-west trip that avoids the fees and canal of Panama, or the dangerous route around the Antarctic-ward tip of South America. The rub, is that the Northwest Passage is considered by other countries to be an international "strait" [Wikipedia def.] and not an internal Canadian waterway. Already, "mystery submarines" have endangered Inuit hunters on the sea and chased sea mammals into the smaller bays with their sonar blasts. Canada has been treating the Arctic archipelago as a third rate neighbourhood for some time, anyways. Inuit families were forcibly relocated from Northern Quebec to Resolute, in the fifties, in order to serve as human "flagpoles" for a federal government that was (and is) unwilling to spend the money to actually develop the promised infrastructure and assert true Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic. Don't worry Canadians; if we aren't willing to do it, the US will take it over for us and start spilling oil over everything.

John Shiwak, Inuit Canadian soldier killed in WW1.


Mohawk protestors close VIA Rail line, between Toronto and Montreal/Ottawa. What is not being widely reported is that the quarry site (under land claim) which has been a catalyst for the protest, is an illegal dump site, including highway materials; which may explain government of Ontario reluctance to investigate.

The Seeker, updated. Smaller pics click to enlarge.

This papier mache dude had his left arm broken off during a ride in the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship parade, last summer. "Before" shot:

The left arm has been replaced with a Whitetail Deer antler. A new, small face relief was tested in "heart position", then moved under the torso.
The Seeker; Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.The Seeker; Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.

The right hand is made more realistic by adding fingers and conversion of existing finger into a thumb; styrofoam "Adam's apple" added.
The Seeker; Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.The Seeker; Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.

Paper "musculature" and "skin" added to the right arm, "adam's apple" and second face.
The Seeker; Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.The Seeker; Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.

Paper details added to neck profile, shoulders, ribs and "adam's apple".
The Seeker; Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.

"After" shot:
The Seeker; Broken Vulture Art, Bingorage Studio.
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I've only taken a quick peek, but there is much info. at Sleeping Crow: Red Tao. Perhaps let me know, if this site (or any of the sites I list) is useful to you.

Northwest Coast First Nations Lecture Series at the West Vancouver Museum; April 18, May 9, 23, Jun 13, Jul 4.

You have probably heard the story of Canadian engineer Maher Arar and his illegal kidnapping and "rendition" to torture in Syria, by US authorities acting on Canadian (false) information.
Now, there are calls for Canadian journalists to reveal their sources for the campaign of leaked disinformation unleashed by Canadian officials to cover their asses; by smearing Arar, incognito.

AIROS; Native Radio Network. Streams and podcasts

The City of Calgary is seeking "Expressions of Interest" for public art.
The City of Calgary Public Art Program, in conjunction with the Utilities and Environmental Protection Department, is seeking Expressions of Interest (i.e. Request for Qualifications) from experienced artists with a demonstrated ability to design and produce integrated public art within environmental and/or ecological projects relating to water. Relevant experience working on interdisciplinary design teams and riparian restoration projects, as well as related construction and project management skills will be considered an asset.

"Top 20 Words You Use in Speech or Copywriting That Make You Look Stupid When You Misuse Them." Link

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