Monday, September 11, 2006

Couple Bingorage updates and "general web-thingies of interest".

I've updated the Paper Bass Gallery with new photos. If you haven't seen it already, or are a new Bingorager (Hellooooo, it contains pics from sketch through styrofoam carving/shaping, initial papering, pulling off mould, mounting on stand, painting and display.

I have already pulled a second copy shell off the styrofoam mould and am starting a third. Hopefully, this styrofoam mould will be the basis for a clay form to cast bronze copies from. But; that is another story.

Click the studio pic, below for link to Paper Bass Gallery;
hosted at Zoto.Com .

Papier Mache Bass 1 and 2 and Shovelmask, in the Bingorage Studio. Broken Vulture Art.

I have also updated the general Broken Vulture Art Papier-Mache Gallery.
Click on the "Juggle Monkey and clay form" pic,
below for link to gallery.

The "Juggle Monkey" piece is something that a customer of mine commissioned for his daughter. I'll finish painting this piece and deliver it this week. You'll notice that much of the detail, such as the monkey's "robe" were added in the paper detail, not sculpted in the clay.

Papier Mache 'juggle monkey' and modeling clay form; in the bingorage studio. Broken Vulture Art.

Here is a short clip showing the cast, right efter it is pulled from the clay.

I was surfing around and came upon this site, the
Historical Archive of the Native Veterans of Northwestern Ontario.
Currently; it has listings of Native Veterans from the region, by community, community profiles and a growing gallery of digitised documents and photos.

Michel Ackabee;From the Fort William Band.Provided by: David-Michael Thompson

Michel Ackabee
From the Fort William Band

Photo provided by: David-Michael Thompson
[remixed by: Broken Vulture Art]

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