Saturday, September 16, 2006

September's turning chilly

It's been raining for a few days now.
The temperature's been slowly, steadily dropping. It's a godsend for the communities threatened by forest fire, up north.
(JLB tells me that my forest fire story link [in prev. post] is broke; it should be fixed by the time people read this.)

Hopefully there will be snow for this year's deer hunt.
It's easier to see deer movement, find their heavy-use trails and track them after shooting - when there is snow.

{click to enlarge}
Here's a link to last year's deerhunt story.

I've set my google alerts to try and find new "ojibway art" and this guy's name keeps popping up; Mark Anthony Jacobson, an Ojibway painter on the West Coast.
His work is deeply embedded in the woodlands style pioneered by Norval Morrisseau (who, incidentally, has a show being curated at Coast Galleries in Calgary until the end of September.

It seems that the Tar Sands exploitation exploration in Alberta has revealed an ancient PaleoIndian quarry, where stone was extracted for local use and regional trade 10 000+ years ago. One artifact was even found to have mammoth blood remnants. Hamilton Spectator article

I've posted a second draft of my poem Animal Garden, over at drip and spew.

One of the many talented Native Musicians that I was honoured to have met and listened to, while in the Twin Cities was Paul Laroche AKA Brule.
Paul was adopted off the rez and only discovered and was reunited with his Lakota family in his thirties. A remarkable artist.
Brule Records

I've come across this blog a few times now. The poems are short and tight. Kade's profile says:
"Cherokee. Writer. Artist."
'Nuff said. Hunter and Buzzard

{Kade emailed me back yesterday and said that he mentioned this blog (go Bingorage!) in an article he wrote for Native People's Magazine. Currently on the stands;not yet on the website... but hopefully, soo.}

Way to fuel the Bingorage, Kade!

This is a papier-mache relief that has been on the back burner for a while. I'm adding paint to it now and will post an update when I resolve my digital camera problem this week.

When I went down to visit my sisters in Ottawa, I was pleasantly reacquainted with this piece. I had given it my little sis about two years ago for Xmas; I think that it represents one of my earliest attempts to mix papier-mache relief with canvas acrylic painting.


MooseGuts said...


Marc Jacobson was one of the lead artists on a huge mural project that the youth in my leadership through arts project did in toronto. he was ace. he ended up making an absolute fortune at the friendship centre in toronto. the guy could spit out and unbelievable, huge, monster of a painting in a 4-5 hours. he was very fluid and organic in his work. judging by stories i've heard about morrisseau's work - they worked very similarily. slap on the colour. outline with thick black acrylic and call it something? i have a huge piece of his in my dining room.

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

I likey his stuff.