Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Various bits and pieces

,Updated September 18,06 : My apologies. I forgot to link the "Northern Ontario is burning" blurb below; now fixed. As of today, the weather is wet and chilly; fires are still burning, but are coming under control.

Upon registering for a Yahoo Papier Mache Group, I was sent a set of "rules" about papier-mache techniques that you may find useful...
provided that you are willing to get your hands dirty.


Here's a link to the site of a fine Lumbee painter, C.H. Kennedy. It looks like he values documenting his work.

" When you buy a painting from C H Kennedy Studios you get more than just a tangible painting. You get to witness the creation of the painting along with Kennedy. Each original commissioned piece comes with a detailed photo history of the creation of the painting along with a certificate of authenticity."

I had registered for a Cafepress.Com shop so that people could buy t-shirts and cards, etc.,online, with my imagery on them.
I haven't been prepared, until now, to make it public, but here's the link. Just in case you have a burning desire for a Bingorage coffee mug.

Northwestern Ontario is burning.
Several First Nations communities, up north, have been evacuated. There are literally hundreds of fires burning across the region and fire crews have been depleted by the return to school of student fire-fighters.
CBC story link.

Hey. Now, you too can "Tour Canada from space". Click on the Whiteshell Park (Manitoba/Ontario) for the link.
Whiteshell Park Satellite photo


JLB said...

Thanks for all the info!

The goodies at Cafepress.Com look pretty cool - do you get to keep the proceeds to fuel the Bingorage?

JLB said...

PS - your link for the report on the wildfires affecting the First Nations communities is broken...

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

Okay. Thanx JLB.
I get a portion of sales, if I ever make any.

And... link fixed.