Thursday, September 21, 2006


If anyone out there likes to dabble with "office suite" templates and/or make clipart, OpenOffice.Org is having a Template/Clipart Competition.
OpenOffice.Org is dedicated to creating an open source alternative to M$ Office/Word and other monolithic software.

From the site:
Here then is the challenge: Create and submit templates and clipart as part of the competition and be eligible for a share of the cash and other awards totaling over USD$5000. (You are always welcome to send in works outside the contest as well.) Winners will be given the opportunity of including their templates in the installation sets.

The local museum, here in Fort Frances, is undergoing a major renovation. I spoke to Pam, the curator, Pam, last Saturday. She says it's been gutted to the studs and bricks.
Here's the Fort Frances Times article.

This image is courtesy of the FF Museum; click for link to FF Museum site.
(PS: The town doesn't look like this, anymore.)
Fort Frances Museum

I love CBC Radio. You should love CBC Radio. You don't listen to radio?
I offer CBC podcasts. It is limited, for now; hopefully the archives will get opened up, some day.

Here's a site with major artistic possibilities. All the pictures taken from the moon surface during the Apollo 16 mission. Plus some cool pics from orbit and topographic maps of possible landing sites, prepared beforehand. Click pic for link.
Moonscape and lander shadows

An archived Broken Vulture Art pic, to help fill void until my new camera is a go. Here's a little tease, though; I've got a giant, new papier-mache sculpture started. New pics, shortly, I promise.

Miss Loontrout...; Acrlic painting - Broken Vulture Art

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