Friday, April 18, 2008

Attawapiskat needs a school.

Attawapiskat needs a school.

Canada first to label bisphenol A as officially dangerous. You've probably heard the noise about dangerous leachings from baby bottles, etc. If it is unnecessary to make plastic bottles without it, why is it there?


Ottawa to pay struggling pork producers $50 million to kill 150,000 pigs by fall.
"Rice said the U.S. government's decision to require country-of-origin labelling on meat products has made a bad situation even worse.

Producers are dealing with American companies that don't want to buy Canadian hogs or meat products after years of doing business because they aren't sure how consumers will respond to such labels. The situation is squeezing the hope out of the Canadian industry, which exports much of what it produces to the United States..."

Tim Giago article; Congressional Black Caucus Attacks Sovereign Status of Indian Nations. Obviously spurred by the removal of African American slave descendants from Cherokee Tribal Rolls.
"... It should be noted that California is one of the worst states in the Union where tribes are systematically removing and denying citizenship to members. Rep. Watson represents a voting district in that state. What has she done about this problem in her own district? And what about the rest of the Congressional Black Caucus? Are they not concerned that Indian people are often removed from tribes in California without even a democratic vote? Or will they only speak up when Black Americans are involved?
And the final question: What gives the Congressional Black Caucus the right to interfere in the internal affairs of an independent sovereign Indian nation?..."

Hidden from History; mass graves?

Tha Anglican church of Canada take on the Residential-Schools.


Moose pictograph button


Interesting site, aggregating custom handmade lampwork bead auctions and lampwork bead artists; Lampwork Art.

Healing Horse Spirit Powwow: HorseNet, American Indian community team up to care for horses in need.

Will Moreau Goins, Columbia - 2008 Recipient for Native American Traditions.
"Will Moreau Goins has dedicated his life to preserving, presenting and performing Native American music traditions, beadwork and storytelling. He weaves the ancient past, mythology and the present with dramatic narratives and song...."

Indian Summer Festival. SEPTEMBER 5-7, 2008.
"A blending of the traditional and the contemporary, the Indian Summer Festival offers a fun and entertaining way to experience the diversity of American Indian culture. Each year a festival theme is chosen to showcase American Indian entertainers, musicians, fine artists, and craft people."

Woven Ways
"A documentary film that shares the stories of the Navajo people, the land and livestock that sustains their culture and economy and the environmental issues that threaten the living bonds between them..."

5th Annual Great Dakota Gathering and Homecoming
.June 7th and 8th, 2008. East Lake Winona, Winona, Minnesota.

David Morrisseau (1961- ), son of Norval Morrisseau is an artist in his own right.

Native News section in The Dominion Paper; "Original Peoples".

Braid a sling, get some waboose.

Native Anew: Contemporary Indian works get the spotlight in an enormous show at the Tucson Museum of Art.
"The artists are engaged in their cultural histories," write the curators, Ellen Napiura Taubman and David Revere McFadden, who put this show together for the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. "But their art transcends geography and tribal affiliations."

In other words, don't expect to see the traditional carved totem poles, so identified with Northwest Indians, or beaded moccasins or woven baskets or repetitive painted motifs of dancers or deer. Changing Hands has all the media you'd expect to find in a major contemporary show. It's a little low on photography, and it has few--if any--paintings on canvas, but it's got plenty of metal, videos, cloth, mixed media of all kinds, and installation.

But it also has elk antlers (George Blake's carved "Boot"), tanned deerskin (Emil Her Many Horses' tribute piece "9/11 Tipi") and reservation dirt, embedded into Peter Morin's "Dirt Jacket." And nearly every piece of art makes an allusion to being Indian."


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