Tuesday, April 15, 2008

monuments and sacrilege

Aboriginal group releases list of mass graves: Claim four such locations are in Alberta.
"Sylvester Greene says he and three others were hired by a minister at the United Church residential school in St. Albert to dig a grave for a little boy back in the mid-1950s...
"I remember the grave being too short for the coffin." They then had to enlarge it to make the coffin fit, he said.
Churches that ran residential schools are disputing the presence of grave sites..."

Navajo Nation without internet.
"OnSat Network Communications Inc., the company that had provided the service, said that's because it has not received $2.1 million in federal funds needed to pay a subcontractor for satellite time.
The Universal Service Administration Co., which administers the E-rate program, is withholding the funding because of a tribal audit that showed OnSat may have double-billed the tribe..."

Anger-inducing story of a family being framed by Sherrifs, prison informants and prosecutors in Louisiana.

Root system of a Swedish Spruce forest is 8000 years old.

The cute little kitty that wouldn't leave us alone at our deerhunt host's farm. Kind of like a Tribble, with fleas.

On the highway, heading home from my Spring trip to Anurag Art Bronze Studio and Foundry.


I've had ambiguous feelings about the Crazy Horse monument that is being carved into the Black Hills. It will be the largest sculpture in the world when finished and a grand memorial for a great Native leader, but at the same time, it is defacing the same sacred land that he died protecting, in much the same way that Mount Rushmore is an act of sacrilege. Furthermore; Crazy Horse refused to have his picture taken and we do not have a likeness of him to reference; by his choice, he kept his identity for himself and his people, but this monument will give him a false face, indefinitely.

Australian article; Crazy Horse's Revenge.

Monument homepage




Pima Center art tells of Native American culture

Fake Morrisseau?

Native Blog; Radical Indian.

Russell Means [dot] com.

Megaliths [dot] Net.
"The Megaliths of the World as Astronomy & Land Survey System"


Lebanese snake fossil with two legs discovered.
"Two theories compete. One points to a land origin in which lizards started to burrow, and as they adapted to their subterranean existence, their legs were reduced and lost - first the forelimbs and then the hind-limbs.
The second theory considers the origin to be in water, from marine reptiles.
This makes the few known bipedal snakes in the fossil record hugely significant, because they could hold the clues that settle this particular debate."


Blackfeet Tribe in trouble because of financial mismanagement; seeks to sell off rare juvenile Tyrannosaur fossil.


If you haven't had the chance yet, check out the Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug - KI Friends Blog.


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