Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Post- "April fool's" comedown.

Drama On The Speedcourt. A short film made with the guys at
SpiritFire Paintball Park, summer 2007.


Protest in Kenora, Ontario; in support of jailed Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuewug protestor and leader, Cecilia Begg.
"I think our treaty rights have to be enforced. They have to be respected," declared Lorraine Major, the chief of Northwest Angle First Nation [NWA#37]. "I don’t think that there should be political prisoners in Canada and this is what Cecilia is."

[Pics click to enlarge.]
I am not sure where this picture was taken, but I found it at Break.Com.
deep snow

This little guy found at ICanHasCheezburger?
angry squirrel. Icanhascheezburger.

Temporary island in the Rainy River.
Island, Rainy River, spring 2008. Broken Vulture Art.

A photoscan of my "door installation", at Anurag Art.
Anurag Art bronze foundry and studio. Broken Vulture Art; door painting.


Another Native Blog, On the Wings of Eagles; taking direct aim at wannabes, pretendians and fabricated tribes.
"Comments are the personal opinions of the author and might or might not coincide with the opinions of other American Indians, Tribes, or Organizations. The author is an enrolled member of the federally recognized Shawnee Tribe."

Photo contest at Magenta, for professional photographers in Ontario. Seasonal deadlines extending until February 2009; see page.

Tim Giago article; Bury My Hertz at Wounded Knee.

Shortlist for Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour; includes a story that is available as a freee audio book, The Best Laid Plans.

The new fantasy podcast site Podcastle, has finally gone live. From the folks who brought you Escapepod [mostly Sci-Fi] and Pseudopod [horror]. These are great audio magazines with free stories and a few reviews for download, donations appreciated.

Native American Museum of Art [NAMA, not NMAI]. Short flash gallery on the homepage, with some impressive wood and soapstone carvings.
"NAMA is a local Museum that offers innovative and creative art exhibits, collections, meals/shows, education, research, language and development. It aims to become a national and international Native American Museum. NAMA has an excellent collection of art and sculpture and is located in extremely high traffic locations."

Oldest gold jewelry of the Americas found in Peru.
"The gold necklace, made nearly 4,000 years ago, was found in a burial site near Lake Titicaca... "It was not expected in the least... It's always fun to find something and go, Wow, what is that doing here?"
In the past, it had been assumed a society needed to produce agricultural surpluses before it could support activities such as making ornamental objects... the people living in this region at the time were still primarily hunter-gatherers, he said. "They were on their way to becoming settled peoples, but they were not quite there yet."

Scientists using "intense, high-energy light" to see bugs preserved in opaque amber. Then "print out" plastic replicas!


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