Friday, April 25, 2008

ultimate machine

Meet the makers of the box.


Ubuntu Linux 8.04, Hardy Heron officially released, April 24, 2008.

Two Chicken Stories: NAFTA's Real Winners and Losers.
"Tyson wins when it takes over the Mexican market share and drives Pedro's company out of business. It wins again when it hires Pedro, now unemployed, as an undocumented worker in a U.S. plant. Meanwhile, for its workers—migrants and native, documented and undocumented—corporate mobility coupled with repressive immigration laws means lower wages, fewer benefits, and less power in the employer-employee relationship both abroad and at home."


abandoned cabin, northwestern ontario


Oldest known oil paint in the world found at the site of giant Buddhas destroyed by Taliban. Defaced paintings in caves nearby analysed; show oil based paint used centuries before supposed "invention" in Europe.

Make your own "gorillapod-like" tripod.

Close call, 70 000 years ago. DNA studies suggest that humans nearly went extinct, before populating the world.

Native actor Graham Greene to receive honorary degree from Laurier.


California's only tribally run university has been shut down. But, apparently, it's not dead yet. There's a n upcoming hip-hop concert to raise funds to keep DQ University going.


Society for Midwest Metalsmiths; MetalInclinations show. June 30, 2008 deadline.

The Huelo Point Flower Farm, artist's retreat.

Mike Brodie aka "The Polaroid Kidd"

"The Boys and Girls of Modern Days Railways".

The Rockaway Summer.


History of Canadian passports

See the interactive documentary, Becoming Human, and surf recent human ancestry research.


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