Monday, March 31, 2008

spring melties

Click pic, for new posting at Anurag Art Online.
Pic of wooden model at Anurag Art.

Johnny [the beading kitty] says: "What are you starin' at?".
Johnny the beading kitty. Broken Vulture Art.


Expelled Exposed.
"Keep checking this space for the National Center for Science Education's official response to the Ben Stein movie Expelled..."

Police arrest anti-war protestor at mall.

Researchers find oldest European human fossil. In Spain; at 1.2 million years BP, it may be a common ancestor to Neanderthal and Sapiens.

It seems that there is trouble on the Lac Du Flambeau reservation. A standoff in the tribal offices, accusations of missing money and actual losses in a smorgasboard of casino investments.

Spring melt 1-2008
spring melt 1 - 2008. Broken Vulture Art.


A new exhibit at the Iroquois Indian Museum [Howes Cave, New York]; "Baseball’s League of Nations: A Tribute to Native American Baseball Players". April 1, 2008 through December 31, 2008. Gallery opening April 5, 3-6.

No Place for the Word 'Squaw'"
Change "Strait of Georgia" to "Salish Sea"? That's a fine idea. But if this province is serious about changing place names born of its colonial past, then the first place to start is a spot in northern B.C. that signs tell us is "Squaw Lake"...

Another Native Blog, The Voice in the Wilderness. This blog focuses on issues of spirituality.

Northwest Coast Native Arts Group, at myspace.

Another Native Blog, Tribal Employee.
"These are posts about politics, culture, and other issues from the Navajo Nation. Criticize, enjoy, thanks for viewing."

Other Native Blogs,Insolent NDN and The Marigold Trail.

Here's a link to a cool Flickr set; a forest growing through an abandoned roller coaster.

Nat. Museum of the American Indian [NMAI] announces inaugural grants winners.
"Grants are made in two funding areas, the visual arts and the expressive arts. Visual arts awards support exhibitions and installations of contemporary American Indian art, as well as publications and critical writing. The expressive arts category supports the creation and presentation of new works with an emphasis on collaboration."

Design a flag for Canada's National Aboriginal Solidarity Day, win money and trip to fabulous Winnipeg!!! Open to Canadian youth, 12-17; deadline May 16, 2008.

It's that time again, Income-Tax season; are you eligible for exemptions (Canadian)?


Sunday, March 30, 2008

hey hipsters

You got until midnight [?] (March 31 is the last day.) to download a free PDF of Scott Sigler's "Infected". Sorry about not posting sooner. If you miss it, you can, however, still download the podcast version at (just use their search box), or order the hardcover.

Donate your time and effort to catalog and match missing persons files with unidentified remains. The Doe Network.

IOptOut.Ca. Get your name put on an independent do not call list, for Canadia. Telling POD Publishers - Let BookSurge Print Your Books, or Else... It seems that Amazon is extorting its clients by threatening to shut off their book sales unless they use Amazon's own "print on demand" services.


Adobe has just launched a free, online version of Photoshop.

Of course, you could download freeware photo editors, like Irfanview and the more "photoshop-like" Gimp


Great photographer based in the Twin Cities, Joseph Allen.

Who's Alex Janvier?

Art competition at Bizarre magazine; photos, art, writing. Sept. 1, 2008 deadline.

What is the Bighorn Medicine Wheel and what is it for?
"... On top of the Bighorn Range in Wyoming, a desolate 9,642 feet high and only reachable during the warm summer months, lies an ancient Native American construction -- an 80' diameter wheel-like pattern made of stones..."

Program to certify Alaska Native art gets new teeth.
"The new version of Silver Hand determines an artist's eligibility not by blood quantum -- meaning one's degree of Native ancestry -- but by enrollment in an Alaska Native tribe. The amendments also build in civil penalties for misuse of the Silver Hand symbol, strengthening the government's ability to enforce the law."

2008 Indian National Finals Rodeo is going to Las Vegas.

Corn's deep roots.
"... a new technique for examining ancient cooking pots has produced the earliest directly dated examples of domesticated corn (maize) being consumed on the South American continent. Their discovery shows the spread of maize out of Mexico more than 9,000 years ago occurred much faster than previously believed and provides evidence that corn was likely a vital food crop for villages in tropical Ecuador at least 5,000 years ago..."

Another Native Blog, American Indian Information in SLC [Salt Lake City].

New research posits that Neanderthals used pigments for body decoration.

Although the American Chestnut was virtually made extinct by a fungus in the late 1800's, there remain a few trees; like this lonely Ohio giant.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Who remembers the crack-penguin?

Broken Vulture Art. Anurag Art.

I've updated the AnuragArtOnline blog, with several photos of bronze pours.

Playing with an older piece, digitally speaking.
This is one of the first paintings that incorporated papier mache.
Broken Vulture Art painting.

This beaded medallion is another of my Mum's collection. A generic T-bird motif; the pink beads showing the deterioration of an applied colouration (as opposed to coloured glass) over time. Artist unknown.
beaded medallion


I've posted scans of these pics, before, but not with the new scanner. So, click for the larger detail and see them better.

Scorpodile Hawktail (and One Bad Bunny)
Broken Vulture Art painting.

Orca Crashes the Crack-Penguin(TM-Broken Vulture Art) Martini Party.
Broken Vulture Art painting.

Hand Rattle
Broken Vulture Art rattle sculpture.

Rawhide/antler rattle with "loomed beadwork" "fan".
Broken Vulture Art rattle sculpture.

Crack-Penguin (TM) Creation Myth.
Broken Vulture Art painting.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Leave the cereal.

I'm going to check my email...
N-O-W !!!!

cat, cereal and email. Broken Vulture Art.

Copying the humpback whale's flipper may increase wind power efficiency.
"... turbines manufactured with WhalePower blades would be capable of capturing energy where the wind is less strong, as conventional turbines tend to stall when wind speeds fall too low. Not only would this improve the business case for individual wind farms, it broadens the natural geography suitable for large-scale wind generation."

Medicine's Cutting Edge: Re-Growing Organs

Canadian concerns over Google services and the US Patriot Act, conflicting with Canadian privacy laws.

As a result of the sentencing of six Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug band members to six months in jail for contempt of court, Nishnawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief Stan Beardy has suspended Northern Table discussions with Ontario.

Oil exploration in Amazon threatens "unseen" tribes

Ancient Global Dimming Linked to Volcanic Eruption.

John Trudell: "How Does Tommorrow Dream?"

John Trudell on Wikipedia.

New Tim Giago article, "Include the Invisible Americans in Race Debates".

Artblog, C-Monster.Net.

Native Youth Movement calls for boycott of 2010 winter olympics.

Wind River Development Fund.
"... WRDF now operates as an independent, non-profit community development financial institution serving the Wind River Indian Reservation..."

How to make a radio show, from CBC radio program "Spark".

Developing bonds at the Spring Buffalo Feast.
"If museums have a future at all, it has to be a future together with Indian country," said Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh, curator of anthropology. He described Denver as the "epicenter of contemporary Native American society" because of the presence of many surrounding tribal nations and the metro area's more than 25,000 Indian residents.
Hundreds of pounds of buffalo meat donated by the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate of South Dakota were being prepared for nearly 1,000 guests at the annual feast..."

Visions in Feminism Conference, March 29, Washington DC.

You have a year to get it together, but only a couple months until deadline. 14th Native American Film + Video Festival. New York, NY; March 26 - 29, 2009. Deadline is August 15, 2008.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sure sign of the apocalypse: Sioux Narrows bridge finished

Sioux Narrows deer.
Sioux Narrows deer


Science blogger, PZ Myers, denied entrance to creationist propaganda film at Mall of America.

A law firm specialising in Native Law, Woodward and Co.

A new Handbook for bloggers and cyberdissidents [PDF document], from Reporters Without Borders.

New plesiosaur found in the tarsands.

The Sioux Narrows bridge is [finally] finished. The former bridge was known as the "longest single span wooden bridge in the world" [although a quick google search found several others claiming this title] and a well-known local landmark, so the government naturally decided to rip it out and replace it with something that vaguely resembles it...
only taking five years to finish the project.

Sioux Narrows bridge

Former bridge.


Years of effort pay off for Native storyteller as 'Brother' debuts.
"Hope said "Brother" is not a definitive statement about Tlingit identity, instead it offers a segmented glimpse at one family's struggle for dignity amidst the clash of old and new generations."

Researchers demostrate how rafts provided coastal trade between precolumbian empires of South America and MesoAmerica

Native activist-historian honoured.
"... she led a series of demonstrations and protests at the base and once set up a tent village on its airstrip. When they were removed by soldiers, she took the plight to local and national media, demanding the peace of her people be reinstated.
This was the first step into the world of activism for the 62-year-old Innu Elder, who has made it a personal mission to remind her people about the history of their land."

Native Networks; film and video organisation directory.

NativeArts group at myspace.

A Native American's Last Testament: Opera.
"I was so moved by it," Joseph-Weil says. "And there was something about her photo that just mesmerized me, that I suddenly said: 'I have to sing her. How can I sing her?'"
Along with award-winning composer Benjamin Boone, a fellow Fresno State professor, she is working to put Ascencion Solorsano's oral history into a piece called Ascencion. They're calling it an "ethno-historical cantata."

Another Native Blog, Attawapiskat.Com; currently focused on the need for a new school in Attawapiskat.

'The 4 Winds' features Native American artists.
"Angel Mounds State Historic Site will showcase the work of four acclaimed Native American artists in "The 4 Winds" Native American Fine Arts Bazaar, running Friday through March 30."

Smithsonian Photography Initiative.

New shows posted, Aboriginal Radyo 'Inteligentaindigena Media'.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Last gasp, for icefishin' - Spring 2008


Voting machine meltdown ongoing.

In one case, Democrat candidate name removed from electronic voting machines. In another case, voting-machine manufacturer sues to prevent investigation of their machines, after alleged tampering.


An 'open letter', from Rainy River First Nation. [PDF Document].


Native leaders sentenced to jail in mining protest.
"Native leaders from a remote Northwestern Ontario reserve were sent to jail in handcuffs yesterday for opposing mining on their traditional lands... A few hours later in the Ontario Legislature, New Democratic Party Leader Howard Hampton blamed the court decision on the McGuinty government's "complete and utter failure" to consult aboriginal communities about mineral exploration..."

"National Indigenous Times is Australia's leading Indigenous Affairs news provider."

Tibetan crackdown continues. Roundup at BoingBoing.

Arthur C.Clarke passes away.


Another Native Art Blog; Azcarmen Contemporary American Indian Art
"I am an enrolled member of the Chickasaw Nation of Ada, Oklahoma. I am very interested in the success of Native Americans in higher education and serve on the board of Oregon Indian Education Association, as well as, on the OCIPSE board."

Clovis dudes and dudettes may have croaked the last mammoth, but apparently, they didn't kill off California's flightless sea duck.

Sherman Alexie muses about identity at LAWeekly.
"... I turn the corner and see him, the Indian guy onstage. He’s taller than me. His skin is much darker. His black hair is twisted into perfect braids. I’m jealous. I mean, yes, I’m a handsome guy, but the man onstage is gorgeous. He looks far more Indian than I do..."

Native Blog, Waterbird's Nest.

Monument Valley Film Festival seeking submissions. June 6, 2008 deadline.

A very cool demonstration of a papercut animation technique.

First Nations remains to be reburied on Gulf Island.
"...the bones of about 60 people, some up to 2,500 years old, will be buried in a casket about 30 metres from where they were found, overlooking the scenic harbour at Poets Cove..."


Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm wearing green teeth..


A group of aboriginal leaders from a remote northwestern Ontario community will learn today whether they will be sent to jail over a long-standing dispute concerning drilling rights in a First Nations territory.

House Democrats reject telecom amnesty, warrantless surveillance.

Don't Tase Me, Bro!A new blog from RUSirius.
"Your one-stop shopping for news on the state of civil liberties and personal freedom."

TSA officials in cheating scandal also ran private consulting firm.

Click pic for link.

mitchell-hedges crystal mayan skull


There is a casting call for production of The Lost Warrior - Ties That Bind. A Cherokee movie

Myspace page for Crystal Shawanda; up-and-coming country singer from Wikwemikong, Manitoulin Island.
"Crystal still works very hard every day to stay true to her roots and the path that has been laid out for her. Always the consummate professional. She writes, performs,records, produces and plays guitar. Crystal is already a seasoned veteran of the road and the entertainment industry with four independent studio albums to her credit."

Aboriginal Theatre Links, at

2008 Northwest Coast Artists Garhering. Juneau, Alaskan. June 3 & 4, 2008
"The mission of NWCA Gathering is to bring together artists and facilitators who work in the indigenous northwest coast style of art: to foster dialog; to develop connections; to explore new materials and techniques; to inspire new work; and to create a community that is inclusive and thoughtful, and that honors tradition while moving into the 21st Century."

Sing Me A Story. Dance Me Home. Art and Poetry from Native California. Grace Hudson Museum. January 26 - April 20, 2008
"This exciting exhibition features the work of 32 contemporary California Indian artists and authors exploring themes of family history, ancestral homelands, spiritual traditions, contemporary life and personal identity through a variety of media including poetry, painting, basketry, printmaking, photography and sculpture."

"In February 2008... One of the hardest hit areas was the Rosalie, Alabama community, destroyed by an F4 tornado... It is the mission of F4 Art Storm to raise the $18,000 needed to purchase a tornado warning signal for Rosalie, Alabama.
F4 Art Storm' will be an art and craft exhibition on Saturday May 3, 2008 planned and hosted by students at the University of Minnesota - Duluth..."

Another Native Blog, TlingitCulture

Nicholas Galanin.
"(b. 1979) Tlingit/Aleut Multi-Disciplinary Artist
Born in Sitka, Alaska, Nicholas Galanin has struck an intriguing balance between his origins and the course of his practice. Having trained extensively in 'traditional' as well as 'contemporary' approaches to art, he pursues them both in parallel paths..." (Deborah Everett)

Cool new feature at Google; Google Sky.

Friday, March 14, 2008

spring thaw beading

[Pics click to enlarge]

A peyote-stitch "cellini-spiral" necklace, with several glass bead types: transparent bronze silverlined (#10), cobalt blue silverlined (#6 & #10), opaque scarlet (#6 & #10) and transparent turquoise silverlined (#6).



My trusty scallop-shell bead dish.






The non-beading kitty.


Teal, pink, scarlet, transparent red silverlined glass beads and amber-coloured 'teardroip' earrings. On auction, at Red Nation Society.


Rainbow pastel and cobalt blue coral-stitch -under faceted crystal- earrings.

Cobalt blue and transparent, silverlined pink coral stitch, under brass bead earrings.

The local pulp yard weigh station.



Thursday, March 13, 2008

springtime for olympics, und china

Peaceful protests in Tibet getting the Chinese treatment. They have actually closed Mount Everest (their side), probably until the olympic torch passes.

China admits sending in troops to quell Tibetan monk demos.

Tibetan Uprising Global Newsfeed, at Students For Free Tibet.


This is a great, pulsing song, from Alternative Tentacles Records; featuring a collaboration of Jello Biafra and NoMeansNo.
"Just as Morrissey is the best current lyricist about relationships, no one can touch Biafra in his scathing social parody and insight. And when Nomeansno get really unleashed on "The Myth is Real - Let's Eat" (with the most pulverizing three chord Ramones riff heard since "Bad Brain" or "I've Gone Mental") the music takes on the glorious stomp of greatness..."


Robert Mirabal, Grammy Award-Winning Musician To Give March 19 Talk In Boulder.

Exhibition features early Native American art and images.
"The Thorburn/Buechel exhibition, a collection of Native American art and images, will be on display in the South Dakota Art Museum through Feb. 22, 2009."

Another Native Blog, From The Horse's Mouth.
"Renee Sans Souci (Omaha Tribe of Nebraska and Iowa) is a poet and educator. As a child, Renee was strongly influenced by the images and struggles of Native people during the 20th century. Her poetry and writing reflect the thoughts and feelings of being Native in this contemporary time period of the 21st Century..."

2008 Young Native Writers Essay Contest. Entry Deadline is April 15, 2008 [USA students]a.

urban Shaman Gallery [Homepage link]. Rosalie Favell "Cultural Mediations", March 14 - April 26, 2008.
"Métis artist Rosalie Favell is a well-known photographer whose work has appeared in numerous solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in venues stretching from Glasgow, Scotland to Santiago, Chile"

"Native American Legends", at

Black Ash Basketry Conference; May 15,16,17, 2008. Posted at Native blog, Turtle Talk.

Native American Public Telecommunication’s Native Radio Theater [pdf link] announces winners of 2008 script contest.
"• friends, written by Marcie Rendon (White Earth Ojibwe), is a vibrant vignette about three generations of Native women who have a conversation about friendship, motherhood and lice.
Last Summer with the Pigeons, written by Rhiana Yazzie (Navajo), discloses the adventures of a few Dakota children and their discovery of a lost baby pigeon at a time when the skies were filled with billions of passenger
The Creature Rises, written by Sara Parker (Mandan-Hidatsa/Cree), discloses the evils of an electric company’s plot to steal uranium from the reservation by enlisting the aid of a female cashier as a spy."

17 ways to get bloggers to write about you. Article by Cory Doctorow, of BoingBoing. I think that I will begin to separate the artworks on my own blog from the linkie-posts (like this) in order to make them more link-friendly for others; per #3:
"Have a link for everything. Don't have a single page with ten items on it. Blogging a link to the top of your fifty-screen-long page with a blurb about something halfway down generates 200 e-mails from readers who can't find the referenced item."


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

spring broke

Has Winnipeg done economic and social violence to Shoal Lake #40 First Nation? [flash presentation]

Shoal Lake #40 homepage.


"a charitable organization with a national focus that educates adults about how to help prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse."


Information clearinghouse, Wikilkeaks, asking for boycott of domain name registrar, for censorship and privacy issues.

Peyote-stitch "Cellini Spiral" beadwork necklace with glass and turquoise beads. [Pics click to enlarge]

Peyote-stitch Cellini-Spiral beadwork necklace with glass and turquoise beads. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio.

Peyote-stitch Cellini-Spiral beadwork necklace with glass and turquoise beads. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio.

Peyote-stitch Cellini-Spiral beadwork necklace with glass and turquoise beads. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio.

Peyote-stitch Cellini-Spiral beadwork necklace with glass and turquoise beads. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio.

Peyote-stitch Cellini-Spiral beadwork necklace with glass and turquoise beads. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio.

Peyote-stitch Cellini-Spiral beadwork necklace with glass and turquoise beads. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio.



Fargo Film Festival interview with documentary moviemaker Sandra Osawa
"... one of the recipients of the 2008 Fargo Film Festival's Bill Snyder Award, claiming the Best Documentary Feature and Best Native American Voices Documentary Feature awards for her movie Maria Tallchief."

Aboriginal plays deliver vital messages to students.
"The innovative theatre presentation draws on interactive tools to give participants an opportunity to direct the story line and see the consequences of their choices..."

Talented Native artist -Richard Kamalatisit- left mark on art world

Another Native Blog, In-Shuck-ch's Space.

"In The Spirit" Northwest Native Art Market & Festival. June 28-29, 2008. Application deadline for art vendors is April 21, 2008.

Norval Morrisseau to be honoured at Aboriginal Achievement Awards

Interview/article about Joanne Bird.

De-ba-jeh-mu-jig ("Storytellers" in Cree & Ojibway) Theatre Group
"... is a professional community based non-profit organization dedicated to the vitalization of the Anishnaabeg Culture, Language and Heritage, through education and the sharing of original creative expression with Native and Non-Native people."

Another Native Blog, Metis Bare Facts.

Republic of Lakotah. Still declared independent.
"... During the week of December 17-19, 2007, we traveled to Washington DC and withdrew from the constitutionally mandated treaties to become a free and independent country. We are alerting the Family of Nations we have now reassumed our freedom and independence with the backing of Natural, International, and United States law..."

Slideshow and audio, Crow "hand game".

Tim Giago article, "Disenfranchising the Oglala Lakota People".

Cool "steampunk" -styled bear skull, at MissMonster's livejournal.

Scott Sigler's Infected, gets the paper treatment, April 1, 2008.

One of my fave podcasters. Dig the Sigler Spew.

Hebrew University researcher: Moses was tripping at Mount Sinai.

PDF Text of the scholar's article. [Link may be time limited.]

NY Times article, The $2 Trillion Nightmare.
"... large opportunities lost because of the money poured into the war. "For a fraction of the cost of this war," said Mr. Stiglitz, "we could have put Social Security on a sound footing for the next half-century or more."


Friday, March 07, 2008

longer days

An American wood-processor now refuses to accept wood harvested from the "Whiskey Jack Forest,, that is under claim and logging protest by Grassy Narrows First Nation.


Tim Giago article; She Sued a Catholic Priest for Justice.
"... A second lawsuit against Poole was filed in June of 2005 by Jane Doe 2 an indigenous female. This complaint alleges that Poole sexually abused her for 8 years beginning when she was 12. The complaint states that Poole impregnated Jane Doe 2 at age 14 and then told her to "get rid of the baby" and to blame the pregnancy on her dad.

I was always surprised whenever I spoke about the abuse of Indian children by Catholic priests and nuns by how often people that came up to speak to me after my talk were from Alaska or Canada. It seems that the abusers in those two regions were not as adept at covering up their crimes as were the priests and nuns of the lower 48, or maybe it was because the American people in the lower 48 just plain refused to accept the idea that a priest or member of the clergy could sexually, mentally and physically abuse Native American children."

Why Bob Lovelace is in jail; A message is being sent to mining companies: Ontario is open for business.


Some new peyote stitch (flat, ruffle & tube varieties) earrings and bracelets. [Pics click to enlarge.]:

Peyote-stitch beadwork jewelry. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio. Ojibway art.

Peyote-stitch beadwork jewelry. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio. Ojibway art.

Peyote-stitch beadwork jewelry. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio. Ojibway art.

Peyote-stitch beadwork jewelry. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio. Ojibway art.

Peyote-stitch beadwork jewelry. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio. Ojibway art.

Peyote-stitch beadwork jewelry. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio. Ojibway art.

Peyote-stitch beadwork jewelry. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio. Ojibway art.

Peyote-stitch beadwork jewelry. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio. Ojibway art.

Peyote-stitch beadwork jewelry. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio. Ojibway art.

Peyote-stitch beadwork jewelry. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio. Ojibway art.

Peyote-stitch beadwork jewelry. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio. Ojibway art.

Peyote-stitch beadwork jewelry. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio. Ojibway art.

Peyote-stitch beadwork jewelry. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio. Ojibway art.

Peyote-stitch beadwork jewelry. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio. Ojibway art.

Peyote-stitch beadwork jewelry. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio. Ojibway art.

Peyote-stitch beadwork jewelry. Broken Vulture Art. Bingorage studio. Ojibway art.

Nominate a Canadian artist [under 40], for the Sobey Art Award. March 30, 2008 deadline.
"The curatorial panel creates a list of five artists from each region; these are selected from the list of nominated artists, and based on their professional knowledge of their regions and of the national art scene. The curatorial panel then meets and chooses one representative from each region to be included on the national shortlist to be announced on May 20, 2008.
The panel will choose the winner on October 1, 2008."

The mystery of "Maya Blue" pigment has been solved.
"According to 16th Century textual accounts, blue was the color of sacrifice for the ancient Maya... Human sacrifices were also painted blue before they were thrown into the Sacred Cenote at Chichén Itzá. In addition, blue was used on murals, pottery, copal incense, rubber, wood and other items thrown into the well...
Maya Blue is resistant to age, acid, weathering, biodegradation and even modern chemical solvents. It has been called "one of the great technological and artistic achievements of Mesoamerica."

'Native' author exposed as fraud.
"Margaret B. Jones wrote about her life as a half-white, half-Native American girl growing up in South-Central Los Angeles as a foster child among gang-bangers, running drugs for the Bloods... The problem is that none of it is true.
Margaret B. Jones is a pseudonym for Margaret Seltzer, who is all white and grew up in the well-to-do Sherman Oaks section of Los Angeles..."

Angie's got a going-out-of-business sale, at She'sASheila. Great handmade handbags.

Olympic deal will let First Nations showcase artwork.
"The deal, which was signed Thursday, but is being kept under wraps until later this week, will see half of the royalties from the Vancouver Organizing Committee go toward funding national aboriginal youth programs around art, culture, sport and skills development..."

Canadian blues guitarist Jeff Healey passed away, Sunday.

A Canadian evangelist is "taking credit" for screwing the Canadian Film Industry. In a hidden legislative bill, there is now an instrument to retroactively deny funding to any film that "somebody [who?]" finds offensive. That means that some loony, conservative sh*tbag will be able to demand that government grants/other funding be returned, after a movie is made, if he/she/it finds it "offensive". Not a done deal, yet; but disturbing. The conservative federal minority government is really beginning to show its banjo-plucking, hayseed... oh, never mind.
"Draft guidelines would give the Heritage Minister the clout to deny tax credits to projects deemed "offensive" by an independent committee that includes members of the Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office and the Department of Justice.
Several powerful arts groups say the changes violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms."

The new Nine Inch Nails album, Ghosts; available for download.

"Connections: Earth + Artist=A Tribute Art Show in Resistance to Desert Rock" May 9, 2008 deadline
"to be held June 22, 2008 at the Center of Southwest Studies Gallery Museum at 1000 Rim Drive, Durango, CO."

Indigenous Earth Day Summit still seeking proposals; deadline now mid March.
"... representatives of the international Indigenous community to the American Northwoods to meet with the area tribes, regional activist community and university students to discuss environmental issues from an Indigenous viewpoint."

Very cool animation of cell activity (previously posted).


An online survival manual; Backcountry Survival.

Beauty pageant and muskrat-skinning competition. Slideshow and audio at WashingtonPost.Com.


A new look at Plate Tectonics.
"[Der Spiegel article] "The continental drift that we observe on the surface of the Earth has its counterpart in the Earth's mantle," explains the professor...
"Old, cold plates are pushed down into the Earth's mantle on the continental edges," he explains. "At this point they collect large amounts of iron. You can imagine it as something similar to water condensation." Weighted down by the iron, the plates sink farther and farther into the hot, molten rock until they reach the inner sanctum of the Earth's mantle..."