Saturday, September 30, 2006

New scanner!!!

Okay... It's actually an old scanner I picked up at a garage sale, this morning, before the farmer's market. I haven't figured it all out, yet; but, here are a few beadwork scans to get you started frothing at the mouth.
pics click to enlarge.

Something I had made for my mum.
beadwork bracelet; Broken Vulture Art

Something I made fer me.
beadwork bracelet; Broken Vulture Art

Not sure what this will be, yet.
beadwork embroidery; Broken Vulture Art

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mongoose in my soup

The National Art Gallery of Canada is taking its Norval Morrisseau exhibition to the McMicheal Canadian Art Collection, in Kleinburg, just North of Toronto; from September 30, 2006 until January 14, 2007.
" Best known for the development of the Woodland School of painting, Morrisseau's work is compelling; this exhibition includes pieces that have rarely or never before been displayed. Learn more about this Anishnaabe artist whose unique pictographic style has influenced many other First Nations artists. "

This is an interesting site, if you're considering taking a cruise.
Cruise Bruise.

From the site:
" The most unsettling thing I observed, was the purging of stories on major media sites, who clean up their sites to reduce their data bank space and the resulting bandwidth usage. Often the story is only available for a year or less, and frequently the story is only availble for a few months, or a few days. This made it difficult to find stories from the past, to see how the cruise line or cruise ship handled types of incidents. I found this problem to benefit the cruise line and the industry as a whole, as the web was cleaned of cases, limiting the amount of information the public could draw on to base their own travel decisions.

When I was done, I decided it was time to create an apolitical data base of complete case details complete with victim names, ages, hometown, cruise line, and cruise ship, where the information could be confirmed and to make it available to the public, free of charge. I felt it was important to include as many details as possible, in case their were trends in particular types of crimes. Typicallly, criminal have a certain method to their crimes. While some only rob banks, and only is certain kinds of times, at certain times of days, other target women, or certain ages and/or sizes, also during certain specfic periods. If there were trends to be seen, we wanted to make that information easily accessible."

Here's a relaxing pic of a campfire. Chill.


Aliens stole my nail polish

Here's my depressingly necessary links for the day: Stories of Meth addiction and survival. Meth is cheap, highly addictive and it's headed your way and your kids' way.
Foreknowledge is forearmed,
Other meth scariness.

Click to enlarge pics.

Miss Loontrout got a crappy boobjob, Mr. and Mrs. Crack-Penguin pull their tired old William Tell routine. Nanabush is still in the world.
Miss Loontrout got a crappy boobjob, Mr. and Mrs. Crack-Penguin pull their tired old William Tell routine. Nanabush is still in the world. Bingorage studio; Broken Vulture Art.

Detail... Miss Loontrout got a crappy boobjob, Mr. and Mrs. Crack-Penguin pull their tired old William Tell routine. Nanabush is still in the world. Bingorage studio; Broken Vulture Art.

Repairing shortened fins and mouth plate on large papier-mache bass.
Repairing shortened fins and mouth plate on large papier-mache bass.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Too cute.

My sister, Shawna, sent some bunny/bambi cutenessporn.

Native Perspectives

" exhibition of contemporary Native American / First Nations art that opened on Sept. 22 in the Emerson Gallery at Hamilton, and will run through Dec. 30...
features works by two important artists, George Longfish (Seneca / Tuscarora) and Shelley Niro (Mohawk)."

My bud, Mr. John Rafferty(NDP candidate) "was the judges' choice with his vegetarian "Vote for Me" chili and organic corn bread muffins. " Fort Frances Museum chili cook-off.

The Royal Society of the UK, is one of the oldest scientific organisations still in existence. They have made their archives available to the public.
In case you need 350 years of light reading.

Assault on the Fort
The first take of three; click link, below, for connection to Spirit Fire Paintball Park and the third take.

Take 3.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Tree-Freddy thingie plus

Pics click to enlarge.

Papier-mache experimental thingie.
Placed (built) in a tree at Spirit Fire Paintball Park, Devlin, Ontario.
Just some twigs, corn-starch gel and paper bag material. This little experiment survived two weeks, heat, frost and a few rain showers; with just one thin layer of paper.

I am hoping to base some freeform, guerilla-art, sculpture-installations on this idea.

Papier-mache experimental thingie; placed (built) in a tree at Spirit Fire Paintball Park, Devlin, Ontario. Broken Vulture Art.

In the Fort; Spirit Fire Paintball Park.
I like to think of the fort as a functional piece of evolving abstract art. Perhaps more like interactive lumberjunk collage.

In the Fort; Spirit Fire Paintball Park. Devlin, Ontario.

Today's interesting link:

A free, online music player. Does not let you download songs, but you can play stuff that is hard to find at WallyWorldMart; leave it on in the background while you surf.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

[Pics click to enlarge.]

Tonight, the O.P.P. shot at a bear outside our house. We saw them using flashlights to check for blood trail in the bush. I don't know if they killed or wounded it. Hopefully it is dead or the policemen made a clean miss...
because I don't want a wounded bear running around my neighbourhood.

Juggle Monkey
Finally painted.
Papier-mache relief sculpture; Juggle Monkey. Broken Vulture Art; Bingorage Studio.

Eric; hiding behind his new 3D-pictograph-dinosaur-humanoid-papier-mache-thingie.
Papier-mache sculpture. Broken Vulture Art; Bingorage Studio.

Broken Vulture Art display at the Clover Valley Farmer's Market.
Broken Vulture Art display at the Clover Valley Farmer's Market.

Krustayn Versus Mecha-Sasquatch
September 23,06 update.

Sunset; outside of the Bingorage World Headquarters.
Eventually, I would like to have a lair, inside a volcano...
and a moonbase.
Sunset; outside of the Bingorage World Headquarters.

Friday, September 22, 2006

First Bingorage incidents, with new camera.

The first video from new camera that has been uploaded.


Pics, in this set, click to enlarge.

Large cardboard and papier-mache piece; early days. Also the bass.

Krustayn Versus Mech Sasquatch. [Details]


If it wasn't the BBC, I probably wouldn't blog about it. British scientists claim to have found a duck egg that had three live minnows in it. [Click pic for link.]


The most amazing pencil artist, whose work that I've seen, is Frank Big Bear (link to Bockley Gallery [MPLS] webpage). He has been quietly attaining fame and honours for his detailed, painstaking pencil crayon drawings.

(This pic was found at the Plains Art.Org website; click pic for link.)
Frank Big Bear drawing

Thursday, September 21, 2006


If anyone out there likes to dabble with "office suite" templates and/or make clipart, OpenOffice.Org is having a Template/Clipart Competition.
OpenOffice.Org is dedicated to creating an open source alternative to M$ Office/Word and other monolithic software.

From the site:
Here then is the challenge: Create and submit templates and clipart as part of the competition and be eligible for a share of the cash and other awards totaling over USD$5000. (You are always welcome to send in works outside the contest as well.) Winners will be given the opportunity of including their templates in the installation sets.

The local museum, here in Fort Frances, is undergoing a major renovation. I spoke to Pam, the curator, Pam, last Saturday. She says it's been gutted to the studs and bricks.
Here's the Fort Frances Times article.

This image is courtesy of the FF Museum; click for link to FF Museum site.
(PS: The town doesn't look like this, anymore.)
Fort Frances Museum

I love CBC Radio. You should love CBC Radio. You don't listen to radio?
I offer CBC podcasts. It is limited, for now; hopefully the archives will get opened up, some day.

Here's a site with major artistic possibilities. All the pictures taken from the moon surface during the Apollo 16 mission. Plus some cool pics from orbit and topographic maps of possible landing sites, prepared beforehand. Click pic for link.
Moonscape and lander shadows

An archived Broken Vulture Art pic, to help fill void until my new camera is a go. Here's a little tease, though; I've got a giant, new papier-mache sculpture started. New pics, shortly, I promise.

Miss Loontrout...; Acrlic painting - Broken Vulture Art

Saturday, September 16, 2006

September's turning chilly

It's been raining for a few days now.
The temperature's been slowly, steadily dropping. It's a godsend for the communities threatened by forest fire, up north.
(JLB tells me that my forest fire story link [in prev. post] is broke; it should be fixed by the time people read this.)

Hopefully there will be snow for this year's deer hunt.
It's easier to see deer movement, find their heavy-use trails and track them after shooting - when there is snow.

{click to enlarge}
Here's a link to last year's deerhunt story.

I've set my google alerts to try and find new "ojibway art" and this guy's name keeps popping up; Mark Anthony Jacobson, an Ojibway painter on the West Coast.
His work is deeply embedded in the woodlands style pioneered by Norval Morrisseau (who, incidentally, has a show being curated at Coast Galleries in Calgary until the end of September.

It seems that the Tar Sands exploitation exploration in Alberta has revealed an ancient PaleoIndian quarry, where stone was extracted for local use and regional trade 10 000+ years ago. One artifact was even found to have mammoth blood remnants. Hamilton Spectator article

I've posted a second draft of my poem Animal Garden, over at drip and spew.

One of the many talented Native Musicians that I was honoured to have met and listened to, while in the Twin Cities was Paul Laroche AKA Brule.
Paul was adopted off the rez and only discovered and was reunited with his Lakota family in his thirties. A remarkable artist.
Brule Records

I've come across this blog a few times now. The poems are short and tight. Kade's profile says:
"Cherokee. Writer. Artist."
'Nuff said. Hunter and Buzzard

{Kade emailed me back yesterday and said that he mentioned this blog (go Bingorage!) in an article he wrote for Native People's Magazine. Currently on the stands;not yet on the website... but hopefully, soo.}

Way to fuel the Bingorage, Kade!

This is a papier-mache relief that has been on the back burner for a while. I'm adding paint to it now and will post an update when I resolve my digital camera problem this week.

When I went down to visit my sisters in Ottawa, I was pleasantly reacquainted with this piece. I had given it my little sis about two years ago for Xmas; I think that it represents one of my earliest attempts to mix papier-mache relief with canvas acrylic painting.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Various bits and pieces

,Updated September 18,06 : My apologies. I forgot to link the "Northern Ontario is burning" blurb below; now fixed. As of today, the weather is wet and chilly; fires are still burning, but are coming under control.

Upon registering for a Yahoo Papier Mache Group, I was sent a set of "rules" about papier-mache techniques that you may find useful...
provided that you are willing to get your hands dirty.


Here's a link to the site of a fine Lumbee painter, C.H. Kennedy. It looks like he values documenting his work.

" When you buy a painting from C H Kennedy Studios you get more than just a tangible painting. You get to witness the creation of the painting along with Kennedy. Each original commissioned piece comes with a detailed photo history of the creation of the painting along with a certificate of authenticity."

I had registered for a Cafepress.Com shop so that people could buy t-shirts and cards, etc.,online, with my imagery on them.
I haven't been prepared, until now, to make it public, but here's the link. Just in case you have a burning desire for a Bingorage coffee mug.

Northwestern Ontario is burning.
Several First Nations communities, up north, have been evacuated. There are literally hundreds of fires burning across the region and fire crews have been depleted by the return to school of student fire-fighters.
CBC story link.

Hey. Now, you too can "Tour Canada from space". Click on the Whiteshell Park (Manitoba/Ontario) for the link.
Whiteshell Park Satellite photo

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ottawa Roadtrip 2 - Spirit of Haida Gwaii; at the Museum of Civilisation

My father, my sister and I went to the Museum of Civilisation, in Ottawa; while my dad and I were down, last month. We spent much time at the MOC, checking out the Native Canadian Heritage stuff. Much of it being Northwest Coast material. One of the most prominent contemporary art pieces in the museum is Bill Reid's Spirit of Haida Gwaii (plaster copy). The original bronze copy (The Black Canoe)is at the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC and graces the new $20.00 Canadian note; a green bronze copy (The Jade Canoe) is on display in Vancouver.
Smaller pics click to enlarge.

Spirit of Haida Gwaii; Museum of Civilisation.

Spirit of Haida Gwaii; Museum of Civilisation.Spirit of Haida Gwaii; Museum of Civilisation.

Spirit of Haida Gwaii; Museum of Civilisation.Spirit of Haida Gwaii; Museum of Civilisation.

Spirit of Haida Gwaii; Museum of Civilisation.Spirit of Haida Gwaii; Museum of Civilisation.

Spirit of Haida Gwaii; Museum of Civilisation.Spirit of Haida Gwaii; Museum of Civilisation.

Spirit of Haida Gwaii; Museum of Civilisation.Spirit of Haida Gwaii; Museum of Civilisation.

Spirit of Haida Gwaii; Museum of Civilisation.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Couple Bingorage updates and "general web-thingies of interest".

I've updated the Paper Bass Gallery with new photos. If you haven't seen it already, or are a new Bingorager (Hellooooo, it contains pics from sketch through styrofoam carving/shaping, initial papering, pulling off mould, mounting on stand, painting and display.

I have already pulled a second copy shell off the styrofoam mould and am starting a third. Hopefully, this styrofoam mould will be the basis for a clay form to cast bronze copies from. But; that is another story.

Click the studio pic, below for link to Paper Bass Gallery;
hosted at Zoto.Com .

Papier Mache Bass 1 and 2 and Shovelmask, in the Bingorage Studio. Broken Vulture Art.

I have also updated the general Broken Vulture Art Papier-Mache Gallery.
Click on the "Juggle Monkey and clay form" pic,
below for link to gallery.

The "Juggle Monkey" piece is something that a customer of mine commissioned for his daughter. I'll finish painting this piece and deliver it this week. You'll notice that much of the detail, such as the monkey's "robe" were added in the paper detail, not sculpted in the clay.

Papier Mache 'juggle monkey' and modeling clay form; in the bingorage studio. Broken Vulture Art.

Here is a short clip showing the cast, right efter it is pulled from the clay.

I was surfing around and came upon this site, the
Historical Archive of the Native Veterans of Northwestern Ontario.
Currently; it has listings of Native Veterans from the region, by community, community profiles and a growing gallery of digitised documents and photos.

Michel Ackabee;From the Fort William Band.Provided by: David-Michael Thompson

Michel Ackabee
From the Fort William Band

Photo provided by: David-Michael Thompson
[remixed by: Broken Vulture Art]

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sorry that I haven't posted for a week... My Dig. Camera fried and I've been in mourning. And suffering from newpicturelessness.

My buddy Ryan Mcmahon has got an event coming up in Winnipeg, Manitoba...

Cagematch: Winnipeg

Comedy Improv Royal Rumble

Starting September 12, 06.
details - Ryan's myspace.

I've been playing paintball, recently. It's more fun than I thought it would be and I've also been contributing to a blog about our progress in creating a paintball park and the shenanigans that go with. You can see paint on my cheek and jaw that I picked up from a 'headshot'; nice. Click pic to check out our Spirit Fire Paintball Park blog

paintball headshot

In some recent surfing, I came across this directory of Canadian Aboriginal Theatre. I haven't checked all the links, so can't vouch for its completeness. If you know of a theatre troupe not represented, send them an update and listing.