Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mongoose in my soup

The National Art Gallery of Canada is taking its Norval Morrisseau exhibition to the McMicheal Canadian Art Collection, in Kleinburg, just North of Toronto; from September 30, 2006 until January 14, 2007.
" Best known for the development of the Woodland School of painting, Morrisseau's work is compelling; this exhibition includes pieces that have rarely or never before been displayed. Learn more about this Anishnaabe artist whose unique pictographic style has influenced many other First Nations artists. "

This is an interesting site, if you're considering taking a cruise.
Cruise Bruise.

From the site:
" The most unsettling thing I observed, was the purging of stories on major media sites, who clean up their sites to reduce their data bank space and the resulting bandwidth usage. Often the story is only available for a year or less, and frequently the story is only availble for a few months, or a few days. This made it difficult to find stories from the past, to see how the cruise line or cruise ship handled types of incidents. I found this problem to benefit the cruise line and the industry as a whole, as the web was cleaned of cases, limiting the amount of information the public could draw on to base their own travel decisions.

When I was done, I decided it was time to create an apolitical data base of complete case details complete with victim names, ages, hometown, cruise line, and cruise ship, where the information could be confirmed and to make it available to the public, free of charge. I felt it was important to include as many details as possible, in case their were trends in particular types of crimes. Typicallly, criminal have a certain method to their crimes. While some only rob banks, and only is certain kinds of times, at certain times of days, other target women, or certain ages and/or sizes, also during certain specfic periods. If there were trends to be seen, we wanted to make that information easily accessible."

Here's a relaxing pic of a campfire. Chill.



Anonymous said...

mmmm... campfire...

Ever since you first wrote about Norval Morrisseau, I find myself thinking about his artwork. I'm so glad you shared - I hope I get a chance to see his work in person someday.

Hoka-shay-honaqut said...

It is quite compelling. I tooka some pictures of a huge canvas of his at the Museum of Civilisation in Ottawa (same trip as The Black Canoe pics). I will try to clean them up and post, pronto.

Anonymous said...

Right on - I can't wait!

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