Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Too cute.

My sister, Shawna, sent some bunny/bambi cutenessporn.

Native Perspectives

"...an exhibition of contemporary Native American / First Nations art that opened on Sept. 22 in the Emerson Gallery at Hamilton, and will run through Dec. 30...
features works by two important artists, George Longfish (Seneca / Tuscarora) and Shelley Niro (Mohawk)."

My bud, Mr. John Rafferty(NDP candidate) "was the judges' choice with his vegetarian "Vote for Me" chili and organic corn bread muffins. " Fort Frances Museum chili cook-off.

The Royal Society of the UK, is one of the oldest scientific organisations still in existence. They have made their archives available to the public.
In case you need 350 years of light reading.

Assault on the Fort
The first take of three; click link, below, for connection to Spirit Fire Paintball Park and the third take.

Take 3.

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