Saturday, February 21, 2015

Invoking a new podcast from the cinders of this long, f#*@king winter. (With sock puppets)

Friday, February 13, 2015.
NSFW elements.

Hey folks. This is an attempt to document a little history and create a sample podcast outline based on the experience of the #ZzhornAndBingoRageShow (minus hashtag and bad spacing),
with reference to the current “Occasional BingoRage”podcast and plans for the as-yet-unnamed new show.

"Bird Amphibian Heart"
Acrylic painting on canvas; 2013 - 2015
Collaboration between Zzorhn(blogspot link) and BingoRage (my tumblr link; Eric C. Keast)

This is the point at which our collaboration ended, as Z. left to pursue his acting and writing in T.O.
I continued to work on the canvas for a couple years, off and on.

September 2013
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February 2015
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Invoking the podcast.

In the beginning; I was a visual artist and dabbler in all things public. I consider these audio podcasts and video podcasts to be sculptural in nature; raw, improvised images and thought are being shaped, live and recorded in the fourth dimension, in video.
{N.B.: Watch Videodrome. Freak the fuck out.}

That seems to be the trick of it... staying in the moment. Knowing that there are eyes and ears on the other end of the camera, without being overwhelmed by them.

I have much material to edit, already, but it's time for me to create new work.

Ever since my previous podcast collaborator left town, I have busied myself with the hands-on stuff of painting, beadwork, mask, photography and documentation.

There were a few “Occasional BingoRage episodes, documenting the painting process of a couple different canvases. Interesting stuff, for sure, but short on puppetry.

In order to expand the format :) , I have been on the lookout for potential podcast collaborators. I may have found one.

I have to find out if the cadet has stage fright, or some violent tendencies I need to account for. Otherwise I'm nearly solid on a broadcast space and internet connection.

I want to get back to the basic recipe of the early podcast, then continue to build and evolve a new show, going forward.
Here's an old audio version of the early "Zzorhn and BingoRage Show". Please send complaints to twitter, @bingorage

(Order optional...)

The show would usually start with: a) a cheesy, short, topical skit... with minimal costume.

Then an b) “Introduction”, where we had a short dumb routine, where dingbat-partner, Z. mangles my website jingle and I slander his work.

c) “News”. Each of us, would try to be responsible for choosing and presenting a few news items of recent/relevant concern.
We endeavoured to be responsible for rudimentary study of topics, in order to form a half-assed opinion about news items we presented.

d) Sometimes we would write other short, topical outlines for skits to fill the middle, or write a more detailed outline for an overall “themed-show” (Like the “zombie apocalypse” episode.)

e) Sock puppet improv. I did most of this, but with: collaborator's suggestions, occasional guest puppet, “crowd questions for the puppets”, etc.

f) Pre-made videos, slideshows, animations to fill time, intermission.

g) Podcaster solos.
It seems easier to fill time in a comprehensible manner, when speaking to another person and responding to their improv cues.
Filling time by yourself can suck, unless some preparation is taken ahead of time. The podcaster solo is one of those circumstances that is much easier, if you actually take the time to prepare something, in order that you may not have to stand on bullshit.
Unless your bullshit is generally strong.

The podcaster solo allows one collaborator to get up and take a piss, have a strong drink, mainline some caffeine, etc.
Remember to set time rules for solos ahead of time.

You have to keep on eye on your podcast collaborator;
in case they are in the grip of strong drink and running off to "make a costume change", when you know that they're barfing in the neighbouring room and muttering to themselves, with their beady, darting eyes.

h) Art presentation and review.

i) Movie/tv review/discussion.

j) We used to hit the button in mid-action and just cut off the broadcast without warning.
Perhaps some sort of “Last words” thingie is needed. Then, Credits.

Proposed outline for Pilot episode of new podcast:

- Opening titles.
Build titles joke on "no-name-yet" podcast?
Slideshow of K. and E. pics in background.
Begin broadcast of opening titles, no recording usually, for half an hour before.
[This is the last chance to make sure that your $39.40 of audio equipment and 16-year old laptop are functioning correctly. Don't even look at the camera, once it's seated, aimed and focused.]

Stop broadcast and switch to episode title card in the broadcast software.
Restart and renew broadcast, with recording and episode card.

{Switch to camera one on the lucky tripod*.}
* The "lucky tripod" has tried to destroy me on several occasions, but has yet to succeed.

- We could do some sort of cheesy, two strangers collide story. Sock puppets?
Do you have sock puppets? Play the drums? We could do a “Bing and Bowie” thing; with you on the drums. Other suggestions?

- Intro.'s:

Some artist bio./ resume/ mailbag/ online presence info.?

- Discussion...

.... of online media consumption from different perspectives?
Do “younger people” consume non-music audio and video podcasting differently from old farts?
Is podcasting only for people who remember radio? Is this a real question?

- “BingoRage Filthy Sock-Puppet Theatre”.

New collaborator to invigorate the filthy puppet storylines and expand the range of their consciousness????
(Time may vary.)

- “News”.

Each collaborator picks a few news stories to present and argue about, being responsible enough to have formed an opinion after having done at least a pretense of investigation. Discussion ensues.

- Art/movie/tv review and discussion... but, smart.

I have several new canvases to choose from.
New collaborator plays accordion.

Usually agree upon titles, weeks before.

- Podcaster solo 01:

(At least five minutes. Longer, if needed. Can move to suit.)

[Podcaster #2 leaves the stage, chugs straight whiskey and lights a nicotine inhaler.
Podcaster #2 stares at podcaster #1, onscreen, knowing that some people are watching because she is a cute chick:]

“I have been thinking about naming this podcast the “cute chick podcast”, but I would have to be “cute chick #2”. I don't know if I could stand that in my own podcast.
We'll come up with something better... Better get back in there, my time is nearly up.”

Podcaster #2 enters stage to start his rant.]

- Podcaster solo 02:

(At least five minutes. Longer, if needed. Can move to suit.)

[Podcaster #1 leaves the stage, chugs straight whiskey and lights a nicotine inhaler.
Podcaster #1 stares at Podcaster #2, onscreen, knowing that some people are watching...]

“... because of his stupid, retarded sock puppets!
I want to call it the “stupid, retarded sock puppet podcast”, but that might offend some people.

[Podcaster #1 tears apart the office]

Where's the blow?!!!

(Yelling) Where's the fucking blow you promised me!!

[Podcaster #1 continues breaking shit and downing the last of the liquor.
She roars and grabs a broom, strides onstage and starts beating Podcaster #2.
There should be some blood.

Podcaster #1 gets up and goes offscreen, screaming allegiance to some dark, evil Blood Goddess as Podcaster #2 expires.
Broadcast jumps to black.]

- Closing titles.

We totally “Blair Witch” the ending.
Or, we do something else.

I think that an hour is a good minimum, for a show.


"Dirty Puppet Theatre -"1984""
(In which a certain collaborator was too timid to use "BingoRage Filthy Puppet Theatre" in his YouTube title.)   :)

Adult material; not for the kids.

Z. and Eric interpret the 1983 movie version of Orwell's "1984".


"A Plague of Penguins" - Eric C. Keast
Acrylic and beadwork on canvas. October 2013; in-progress.
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Transformation: Blank canvas, Sewing Elf and Daikaiju Killer. (2009 - 2015)

March 2009.
Originally, this canvas was started with an olive'ish green background, and then a sketch of a thread spool taking up a substantial portion of the image area. By the end of this stage, I had added the needle, thread and button, as well as some geometric planes in the background.

April 2009
Button, spool and thread details. Sewing Elf appears.

November 2012
Beadwork added; Mizhepezhou emerges with paint and beads.

February 2013
"I Paid Flanagan!" This phrase was added to the composition after I listened to a "Tell 'Em Steve Dave" podcast, wherein a known curmudgeon and confirmed freedom-hater, Walter "Inky" Flanagan
was complaining about his fans not buying their Xmas package and probably downloading it illegally. I bought their stinkin' Xmas package, and I'd do it again!
Anyways... That is why I painted "I Paid Flanagan" on the canvas. Not really relevant to the other subject manner, though; is it?
Maybe, this is where the composition starts to fail.
Fucking Flanagan.

November 2013
Dark. So dark.
Flanagan excised, second Mizhepezhou and Orange Roughy appear.

April 2014
Moon and die appear.
Composition vibrates strongly.

May 2014
Canvas continues to shake, composition begins to disintegrate.

Kaiju Killer, June 2014
Sewing Elf becomes Kaiju Killer.
Rotate 90 degrees, add teeth. See the eye in Mizhepezhou's gut. The Daikaiju's upper jaw follows the line of the thread. The spool's left half becomes muzzle. Daikaiju acquires burning building by the end of the session.

Bold yellow strokes define Daikaiju and embody the (Dai)Kaiju Killer.
Kaiju Killer gets a headdress.
Sewing Elf is gone.
The breath weapon is already implied; some sort of energy-ball.

Kaiju Killer, July 10, 2014
Kaiju Killer's big right mitt is powering up.

December 2014
Daikaiju goes green.

Daikaiju Killer, January 2015
Kaiju Killer rightly becomes Daikaiju Killer.
I read in an article that the Japanese word "Kaiju" meant "monster" and that "Daikaiju" meant "giant monster" and was more appropriate to Godzilla and the kind of monsters that I have started to toy with. Thus, the name change.

In order to make the beast look less reptilian, I add Cthulic tentacles and Wolfen crown.
Fire erupts in the Daikaiju breath-weapon.

Daikaiju adds a bus to his collection.

February 2015
All that is left of the original composition is the six-sided gaming die, at the point of rotation.

Daikaiju has acquired 2, or 4, new eyes; he is not a reptile.
His fireball is glorious, from a purely aesthetic view and not burning boots-on-the-ground Daikaiju-realities. Nice bracelet.

Daikaiju Killer is counting off a boxing combo. Do we really want our superheroes to still be in boxing class? I think he came from a nearby powwow.

Why did the #SewingElf have to die? I'm not sure. All I can tell you, really, is that he wasn't cooperating.
Mizhepezhou are proof to the whims of men; don't worry about them.
Sewing supplies are insanely cheap nowadays, and it's a skill that everyone should learn.