Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Horses, logs and shovel, oh my


     At the beginning of last week, I stopped in at Wesley Clover Equestrian Park, after spotting the tent city that had sprung up. There are national-level equestrian competitions that have been going on for the last ten days, with a few more to come.

     At that time, I ran into a couple guys getting ready to stain and finish a large log-style picnic table, with carvings and built-in shelter. It was awesome.  :)

     Thanks to the Heritage Living guys for telling me about it.

Bear Carving by Heritage Living, Wesley Clover Park July 2016

Eagle Carving by Heritage Living, Wesley Clover Park July 2016
Picnic shelter by Heritage Living, Wesley Clover Park July 2016

Picnic shelter by Heritage Living, Wesley Clover Park July 2016

#ShovelMask , hiding.

#ShovelMask, hiding.  #BingoRageStudio July 2016

#ShovelMask, hiding.  #BingoRageStudio July 2016

#ShovelMask, hiding.  #BingoRageStudio July 2016

An open letter to the President of our Southern neighbours.

Mr Obama;

     It is with great trepidation that I write to you. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I know that all communications with the White House are probably scrutinised, closely. I know that all electronic communications are now recorded and screened and that by the simple act of writing to you, that I invite the malicious bureaucratic backlash of being placed on a no-fly list and having "local authorities" being notified of my "activities". This, however, is nothing compared to the risks of simply living in the war zones that you have authority over.

     85 civilians in Syria. "Uncounted" hundreds (thousands) in Afghanistan?

     I really hoped that your administration would make change. I am certain that the world is now less safe, however, after the continuation of foreign policy, civil forfeiture, criminalisation of minorities and the poor, economic non-justice and protection of the rich, driven by corporate interests and the wealthy and the powerful, themselves. Justification of killing. Justification of creeping fascism. Justification of theft.

     Efforts that require that much justification at the smallest levels, may not be justifiable, overall.

     Is it too late for you to make some real changes? I understand that much of what you wished to accomplish has been stifled. The world could use some real change.


:Eric C. Keast

[This comment will be published to my blog, as well, as an open letter

Thursday, July 07, 2016

The Close and Desperate Stranger

       How do you reconnect after 25+ years, from someone who seemed like they could have been a good friend, sharing interests and budding artistic ambition, as such young men, but only, truly, met once? After such a long time, and divergent histories, lives, loves, families and employment tracks  :)

     Usually; it is a thing like weddings, reunions, funerals and slow, distant death. But, that is a poor excuse; imposing obligation and “duty” on close strangers.
      People you like and don’t know.
      People you were supposed to love, but never got the chance.

      So. You meet for coffee, agree on beer, instead. You talk. You amaze each other with informations and silences explained,
or at least shared.

      You talk film, you talk tv, you talk weather, you talk food, you talk death, then apologise.

      You talk life, you talk music, you talk smoke, you talk beer, you talk letters, you talk grandpas and grandmas, you talk shop.

      I love knowledge and would talk all night to delay tomorrow, but my friend must sleep.
I’m the close and desperate stranger today. Again.
A parent dying, far from home.
An emergent, satisfying, rural isolation’s eventual end, in the city.
No more deer.

      I love brothers in ways that can’t be repaid.
      The city is beautiful and I don’t hate it.
:Eric 07/07/2016