Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The 2011 BingoRage Roundup [Part 1]


*** PSA WARNING & SPOILER: Adult language and disturbing ideas, below. ***
*** Seriously... go now. ***

It is an uncomfortable fact to acknowledge, even for some die-hard evolutionists, that people kept interbreeding with the ancestors of chimpanzees for millions of years, multiples of generations, even as our ancestors began to move away from the root ape lineage.

The thought of our ancestral "grammas and grampas" inheriting and donating genetic material with Bonzo just feels wrong.

But that is bad analysis; a moralistic "ick factor" weighted against the measure of reality. Proto-chimps and proto-humans were not hybridising to create an unholy chimera against the rules of some dogmatic "nature"; they were two separate, but overlapping populations emerging from an older, extinct ancestor on the basis of reproduction mechanics. That does not preclude a design, there is simply no evidence-for or need-for, design, in species and speciation.

Mercifully, we are no longer able to interbreed with the chimpanzee. Imagine the embarassment that a liger's mother must feel.

Right Eye
Acrylic on unstretched canvas. 2011. approx 24" H x 26" W ; 2 coats acrylic matte sealer.

It has been confirmed (apparently), that the Neanderthal swapped genetic input with Europeans, but not contemporary African humans. They didn't go for the whole "caveman" thing... apparently. Not into Bears, so much, back then.

Forget that noise; that's not even the most scary, interesting human evolutionary information to come down the pipe in these, the last years of the Mayan Calendar.

The bestest and most-inspiring mindfuck, for me, is the near-certainty that there were 2 or 3 other "human species" coexisting with us, as late as 30,000 - 50,000(?) years ago. Homo Floresiensis "Hobbit", "Woman X", Neanderthal and -possibly- Homo Erectus.

Throw in the contemporaneous, giant, temperate Orangutang at the end of the Old World and at the gates of the New World, Gigantopithecus [aka BigFoot] and it is no wonder that our dreams, fears, archetypal stories and nightmares are filled with Aliens, Strangers, Ghosts, Demons and other hairy, striding, all-too-familiar Monsters.

Your meat is identical to that of the mouse. That doesn't mean that you should f*#@ it. Bonobos are sexually proficient and promiscuous, you could probably train one to boink you, but it would be expensive. Afterwards, there is no guarantee that the beast still won't bite off your face, because: they are not monogamous.

They are alot like us.

(Update, 1430 hours. Editors note: I have no idea where this thought was going, or what it has to do with "2011", so I am electing to finish here, with the following thought: Those folks across the water and down the street are all in our family. That's what a species is... a giant family.)


The impending Ryan McMahon/Clarence Two Toes/RedManLaughing podcast-themed interview/inquisition/bare-knuckle powwow continues to impend.

The semi-official #ZABRW (ZzorhnAndBingoRageWandercast) Media testscreen. Acrylic on unstretched canvas, 2011.

I haven't started cutting [Part 2] of #ZABRW S01Ep14, yet. I am... listening to Joe Rogan's podcast, Episode #166. It is so reassuring to listen to another germinating fruit of the psychedelic reawakening of of North America. The right-wing nutjobs of this world would hold that it is imperative to stomp out civil rights, due process and the ability to publicly disagree with the system; much of the overall human progress achieved and lost in the last hundred years.

Joe Rogan battles against the douchebags for us and takes direction from his followers; embraces and respects them...

Listening to the Joe Rogan podcast, the Deathsquad.TV Network, the Marc Maron WTF podcast and Kevin Smith's Smodcast Network has become, amongst other things, an emerging masterclass in comedy and the comedian's art. A window on the behind-the-scenes, philospohical conversation about entertainment and the wider culture.

The Zzorhn And BingoRage Wandercast
Click here, for the enlightenments.


Art "resale royalties", do they help or hurt artists?
"... the right to 5 percent of a later sale is like a lottery ticket — and like lottery tickets, the vast majority of ticket holders walk away worse off. And the net effect is to transfer wealth from unsuccessful artists (the lottery losers) to successful artists (the lottery winners)."

Regardless of the effect upon painters and sculptors; my fear is that this could be some sort of Trojan horse for "Big Copyright" to start imposing fees on derivative works, which will be pursued with a policing fury and judicial consent that the average paint spiller cannot afford to pursue their righteous pittance claim. Suck it, "Shartists" (sheeple artists) Copyright and TradeMark of BrokenVultureArt/BingoRageStudio.

The only artists that this kind of financial device may benefit are "1 percenter" artists (whom do not need the extra loot), "wannabe 1 percenter" artists who could use a little boost, corporate intellectual property speculators, lobbyists and willfully ignorant legislators.

Do not feel alarmed; this is how most corporate money is created nowadays: finding or creating new rules to tweak, new loopholes to explore, greasing the skids and lying about malfeasance.

I'm not bitter.
Happy New Year.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

New podcast episode, new canvas, older masks

ZABRW - S01 Ep14 (Part 1) “North Korea, Zzorhn birthday, True Romance...”

Woooo, woooo, woooooo, Conspiracy theory, expensive beep, so ronery, wayne and shuster in a dungeon,lobbing buckshot through your neighbour’s window every six months,vice guide to NK slave camps, mining with acid, naked gun fragment, shiny thing, melt down libyan money, the light is shone behind the curtain behold the breadless sandwich, clipboard confessions, bypassing the wigger rastafarian, spoiler alert, Do you do everything Elvis tells you to do? ex-cop pisses off a Don, alabama’s corkscrew fight, superman has lex we have timmy64, ryan endorsez ronPaul, Eric wants it bigger, we hose the video feed and had to stop the audio feed, cat intermission behind the emerald curtain. Part 2 due by New Year; special guest?


Those are my notes for the first half of our most recent podcast. “The Zzorhn And BingoRage Wandercast” , Season 01, Episode 14 (Part 1), is now posted.

I want to clarify my point in the discussion of the Sicilian Ancestry scene between Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken. Dennis Hopper’s character knew he was going to die and reached back for the most base , encompassing, “historically plausible” and fearless insult that he can muster. The truth, of course, is more complicated than that. Google it. But, check this; A significant percentage of all asian men are descended from Genghis Khan, supposedly. That dude and his male heirs married, “conquested”, raped and orgied their way back and forth across half the known world, dropping his seed in all of his enemies, friends, uneasy neighbours and hosted diplomat’s wives. So who cares about the Moors in Sicily? As genetic insult, it seems sorta piddlin'.

Our second live attempt had switched from a 20-person voip chatserver to a free videocast streaming site. We lost some of the audio to creeping feedback; too many microphones and speakers locked into exotic feedback loops, three different laptops, two functioning cameras in a crumbly basement. The video seems to be encoded in some exotic flavour of flash video that defies editing, so far. Will work on a different video studio setup for next live attempt.

You can watch a portion of the live video at Ustream. Fair warning; it's a bit lame. I know there's a commercial and audio drop... fast forward to 03:04 after commercial, thanks.

New camera/usb microphone working out great; my fave xmas present, so far. Looking forward to new, impending audio projects. Going to do a sit-down with local boy made good, Ryan Mcmahon of the RedManLaughing Podcast, about the new media and probably - the democratisation and hustle of the new audience. Then there is the long-shelved audiobook reading...

The newest piece that I have been working on is the Rock Bass Uber Alles. It’s about 50 inches H x 24 inches W on unstretched canvas. The fish in this scene become more fully realised, the deeper they are. Their strict order is being trespassed, however. The meaningful layering, cut with lying thread.

Staying near my internet connection this Xmas, touching up some papier mache pieces that have been in semi-finished limbo. A layer of clearcoat to the painted pieces. A dash of red to the cheeks of this one, while slathering a base coat of scarlet for another’s first-paint.

"Blackbird" and "Rosy Cheeks". Acrylic on paper, 2011.

Cooking up a batch of paste to finish off a couple small sculptural pieces and a mask with a ragged edge. Layers and layers, squinting for thin spots ‘gainst halogen’s lamp. That’s how I’ll be spending the next couple days.


Both of these paper masks were "cast" from the same clay face. The papier mache process changes the soft clay and subsequent "copies" taken from the same sculptural form. Changes can be exaggerated in the fabrication process, after the initial paper cast is taken off the form. Then, of course, the final paint can make a world of difference.


"Rosy Cheeks" and the "Blackbird Mask" -above- are different generation casts of the same clay form... evolved.

The brave JohnnyCat shows his mettle, by furiously guarding the blaze orange hunting clothing, earning him the title of "Bestest hunting cat in whole house (when orange cat isn't listening)".


Monday, December 19, 2011

The Old Sea Captain Vs. The Ancestral Jay

-- Click most pics for larger view.

I had said that this painting reminded me of an Ojibway archetype; an essential battle, a terrifying synergy between water and sky on a big lake or other substantial expanse of water. The mythological imagery that leaps to mind is the purported enmity between the Thunderbirds and Mizhepezhou.

In this canvas, the water role is played by the "Old Sea Captain"; A bushy-lookin', clay-pipe chompin', twisted and dehumanised Davy Jones mutey (mutant, not speechless).

He is spewing/projecting some offensive force that penetrates and defeats "The Ancestral Jay", a now-extinct corvid of dubious anatomy.

Part 1

Part 2

After stretching and fixing the canvas onto the boxframe, I mixed various blues, green and white to make a turqoisey colour for the background. Using the handle of my paintbrush, I "scratched" a quick sketch into the wet paint.

Honestly; the canvas didn't look like much after first paint. The scratch lines were traced with grays and whites, dull sage greens. When I started throwing paint at the hair, it began to change.

Adding black, hard lines to the Sea Captain turned it from a full profile to a partially straight-on face. Dripping paint reinforced the throat lines of the bird.

Introducing the pipe nearly obliterated the jaw, which had been defined with thick, hard, dark lines. It reaches far into "our" space; the bowl becoming the foremost foreground.


Detail pics of the Old Sea Captain and The Ancestral Jay, before the solid, tube-squeezed lines and dots of the final changes.


Joe Rogan, discussing #OWS on his great podcast.


Friday, December 09, 2011

Twilight And Totem-Pole Painting Puzzle - Nov. 2011

Update: 5pm - Auction link fixed and podcast link added. Dec. 10_3am - Embed latest podcast, with flash player. Add more pics.

The Zzorhn And BingoRage Wandercast podcast page.

Season 01 Episode 12

Our Winter 2011-2012 Sponsorship-piece will go on auction at Ebay, December 9, 2011; 9AM PST Twilight And Totem-Pole Painting Puzzle - Nov. 2011

The chickenosaurus is... perhaps, not as feared as the brave JohnnyCat, but it is still a formidable presence. However, in the company of dubious bunnies and pop-vampirism, it feels like a lamer. Bad chickenosaurus.

The canvas was begun after this autumn's deercamp. It underwent many changes -as you can see, in the video- but managed to maintain its chickenosaurusness.

I am auctioning off this work to help cover our butts for the winter, so if you have some rich uncle or crazed hippy bosses with money in their mattress, please forward this post. The auction begins Dec.09 and only runs for seven days. There is a chance that it may reach its destination for Xmas, depending on the vagaries of paypal transaction, but is more likely to be shipped in the new year.

The chickenosaurus doesn't yet exist, but Jack Horner is trying to unleash it upon the world. Way to go, science!!

More disturbing than the chickenosaurus or the loose vampirism, of course, are the bunnies of ill-repute that seem harmless, but are just biding time.

So, be a good lad/lass and chuck us some dough, or badger someone with real money, for us. Miigwitch. (That's for the cashy skins out there.)

Oh, look... It's that brave JohnnyCat. Good Johnny.