Sunday, October 06, 2013

Norval collaboration

Hey xxxx; I've had a thought that won't go away. I want to do a collaboration with Norval Morrisseau.

As a matter of curiousity (or provocation), I sent the following email to some of the so-called players in the Morrisseau estate/authenticity pile.
To whom it may concern: Hello. My name is Eric C. Keast;

My family owns an original N.Morrisseau painting, that I would like to paint upon and create a new collaborative work, documenting and publishing the process, as well. The piece is an early black/red linework on kraft paper from Red Lake, Ontario, in the seventies.

I am writing to ask for info. on how to contact the Morrisseau family, as I would like to request their blessing in this endeavour.

:Eric C. Keast

I know that there is some arguement against painting on another artist's work, but there is also significant precedent. Regardless of the eventual outcome, I will document and publish/blog the process.


Untitled painting
Norval Morrisseau (1970's Red Lake, Ontario)

"A Plague Of Penguins"
Eric C. Keast