Saturday, February 05, 2011

Bronze sculpture progress; sponsorship and private sale available.

It's been a busy Autumn and Winter, BingoRagers. I'd spent less time in my own bed, this Fall, than in irregular squats, kitschy rustic cabins, sister’s kids’ room floor, a posh hotel, a friend’s attic and crappy crunchy convex cabin cots. There had also been changings of routines and sleep cycles that mimics the comic jetlag of the stereotype jetsetting, harried business professional. I have been on a very productive painting swing... when back at home.

The "Reptile Brain" model {right hemisphere} in foam and clay.

reptilr brain,sculpture,BrokenVultureArt,BingoRage,clay,model,reptile brain

The boys from Anurag Art took me duck-hunting in the famous Lake of the Woods. The weather was unseasonably warm, keeping us from seeing the great Northern flocks, but many of the local puddle ducks were still available on our first expedition. The second trip got us into one very exciting morning on a backwater beaver pond. We had to hike over an old, dry floodplain and beaverdam to access the further pond, nearly three metres above the main lake level.

Zach, Teal and wonderdoggy, Oshky.

hunt,duckhunt,camo.golden retriever,dock

I served a very tasty duck dinner for deercamp, this year. Stuffed with celery, walnuts, onions and salt; glazed with orange juice concentrate.


The boys encouraged me to finish a sculptural piece for them to mold and cast. The new bronze piece is tentatively titled "Reptile Brain", the model formerly known as "Windigo Skull Evolution" [previous posting].

The Foam / clay model with rubber / plaster "negative" formed around it. The clay dams hold and form the rubber as it flows and cures.

"Reptile Brain" plaster and rubber_Feb2

We are going to cast five pieces as a limited edition for private purchase, one piece for artist proofs and one casting for sponsorship attribution and public installation at Spirit Fire Park. I would like to sell the sponsorship project before private purchases, so that we may reimburse the Bronze gods for their advance preparation, but private buyers for individual castings are welcome.

Cost considerations include bronze ingot "market price", fixed studio and foundry fees for casting and fabricating the Bronze element of the sculpture and non-fixed (yet) costs for: base material and fabrication, site-specific installation requirements, landscape planning, transportation and actual installation particulars. Those costs can outweigh the metal, depending on where and how the piece is to be exhibited.

Chief decider and ship's captain at Anurag Art, Bill Cole.
Bill gestures and grunts, in the direction of rubber mold; perhaps indicating thirst or hunger.

Reptile Brain_Bill Cole_Anurag Art

This sculpture can be installed inside or outside, alone or in conjunction with other sculptural elements. Long-term installation is recommended; "mobile/short-term is possible. BVA offers the following SFP sponsorship costs projection as a baseline reference. Costs for other installations will vary, by circumstance.

Please forward, blog, tweet, etc.
Especially if you have corporate chums needing to sponsor some cultural stuff, or friends with casinos...


Spirit Fire Park “Reptile Brain” Sponsorship:

Anurag Art- Rubber and plaster mold. $1 000
Bronze casting, fabrication and finishing. $8 000
Transportation and Installation at Spirit Fire Park. $1 000
Broken Vulture Art- Artist fee $4 000
Spirit Fire Park- Landscape and installation prep. $2 000
Maintenance contribution $2 000

Total: $18 000
[Optional bronze plaque: $3 000]

Private purchase; one of five limited-edition castings:

Anurag Art- Casting, fab. and finish {simple base}. $8 000
+ Transportation, custom base and custom installation. {To be quoted.}
Broken Vulture Art- Artist fee $4 000

Total: $12 000 +


"Reptile Brain", left hemisphere.

reptilr brain,sculpture,BrokenVultureArt,BingoRage,clay,model,reptile brain

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reptile brain,brokenvultureart,BingoRage,sculpture,clay


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