Thursday, January 21, 2016

I have videos

Trying to figure out how to make money out of my online presence and art documentation. Figure out my google ads and youtube ads; turns out that I have been neglecting my intellectual property, but am starting to iron out my resources.

Here; no ad-revenue for me on the first video. Documents the process of a work that closely echoes a fave motif of #NorvalMorriseau:

 "Loon Family"

Eric C. Keast & #LoonFamily (2010?) #BingoRageStudio

But tons o' cash, no doubt, from the next vid; which shows the evolution of a major piece:

 "Miss LoonTrout Got A Crappy Boobjob. Mr. And Mrs. Crack-Penguin Pull Their Tired, Old William Tell Routine. Nanabush Is Alive, And In The World"

#MissLoonTroutGotACrappyBoobjob... (detail, 2011) Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The New #BingoRageStudio

#BingoRageStudio #FortFrances (My favourite, doomed studio stool) and the #CranePowwowDancer in the #studiodocket

#BingoRageStudio #FortFrances 2015

This used to be my setup, on the side of the road in #FortFrances, NorthWestern Ontario. 

It was a chill way to work on my art, get outside and make a few bucks from the occasonal tourist.

Since moving to #Ottawa, Ontario -capitol of  #Canada- I haven't been able to make a cent "on the street", so to speak. In fact, the few times that I tried it, was petrified of being arrested or harassed by the police. There are many -and different types- all over the town. The locals are adept at "actively ignoring"; a skill of the delusional, writ large. It's like seeing cognitive dissonance made flesh.

So; I have tried to ramp up my online visibility. Sharpen and refining old interests... writing again. Trying to describe my work more, explore it with words. Share better.

Now seeking patronage; if you know someone who needs art, please forward my name. Miigwitch.

PS: If you work in the #Ottawa area, I can visit your office and offer a selection of canvases and beadwork jewelry for display/sale. Just need a chair/table(s?) and restroom access. Electricity and wifi a plus (for credit card payments).

Peyote-stitched beadwork #bracelet. Glass, Bone, Nylon, vintage button.
Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio

Lg. Men's Choker; Horn, Bone, Shell, Ceramic, Glass, Leather, Hempcord
Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio

#BingoRageStudio #Ottawa Summer 2015.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Large Bird Rides What? Back in the #studiodocket.

From my twitter account (@bingorage)  (reposted everywhere) ,  :)

‪#‎ShovelMask‬ back in the ‪#‎studiodocket‬.
 ‪#‎Paint‬ on ‪#‎papiermache‬ ‪#‎antler‬‪#‎hardware‬
 ‪#‎BingoRageStudio‬ ‪#‎Ottawa‬ 
‪#‎sculpture‬ ‪#‎mask‬

#‎ShovelMask‬ back in the ‪#‎studiodocket‬. ‪#‎Paint‬ on ‪#‎papiermache‬ ‪#‎antler‬ ‪#‎hardware‬ ‪#‎BingoRageStudio‬ ‪#‎Ottawa‬ ‪#‎sculpture‬ ‪#‎mask‬



     Acrylic #painting on loose canvas, about 20" square+. Another distant #future or #past.

#BirdRidingGiantSlug December 2015 Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa

#BirdRidingGiantSlug December 2015 Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa Some scratch and pencil added

#BirdRidingGiantSlug (detail) December 2015 Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa

#BirdRidingGiantSlug December 2015 Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa
#BirdRidingGiantSlug December 2015 Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa
#BirdRidingGiantSlug December 2015 Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa
#BirdRidingGiantSlug December 2015 Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa
#BirdRidingGiantSlug December 2015 Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa
#BirdRidingGiantSlug December 2015 Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa

#BirdRidingGiantSlug (detail) December 2015 Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa
#BirdRidingGiantSlug December 2015 Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa
#BirdRidingGiantSlug Acrylic and pencil #painting on loose #canvas. December 2015 Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio #Ottawa

Monday, January 18, 2016

Prehistoric Man and #TheRoseOfDamocles

I have been commenting on many Reddit and FaceBook threads about Human evolution and global peopling, with a focus on the New World; my Indigenous people and culture.

My general proposal is that  all of our primal, human stories and archetypal themes reflect incredibly ancient interactions between peoples, the global environment and "the other". War, flood and Monsters.


(N.B.: Some of my numbers and facts are pulled from the cesspool of my vast general knowledge, quick/sharp reckoning and may not be entirely fact-checked, but will be ballpark and in the correct direction, generally. Please feel free to suggest rational corrections/updates. I will insert corrections and updates in green bold. Thanx.)

Reddit Post; some of my comments/replies.

"Nature: New archaeological evidence has dramatically pushed back the accepted earliest human occupation of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi to more than 100,000 years ago – 60,000 years older than previously thought."
 by Surf_Science

(reditor) exitflow:

"Aren't we only 100,000 years old as a species?"

(redditor) BingoRage: 

"Anatomically modern" humans arose about 200 000 years ago, but didn't leave Africa until nearly 100 000 years ago. It had been known that Homo Erectus left Africa much earlier, at least a few hundred thousand years earlier and gave rise, it seems, to at least 3 archaic human species: Neanderthal, Denisovans and Floresiensis. It is interesting to note that an extremely primitive human species may have lasted until 14 000 years ago in China (Red Deer Cave), perhaps Homo Erectus.

(redditor) Typhera:

Don't more modern views, see those "archaic human species" as having been quite on par with "modern" humans, instead of primitive versions of it? Neanderthals used tools and theres some evidence of ship building, their brains were also larger than that of the homo sapiens (ofc, size =/= complexity) and its now thought they were on par with homo sapiens in most aspects.
Im guessing all those "archaic" human species were as evolved biologically as Sapiens, but less resilient/lower birthrate which made them extinct while mixing with sapiens that migrated into the regions? Know of any good, modern, sources of info? Sadly this is a slow field and a lot of information is rather outdated.
Edit: Also evidence of burial rituals and having used fire, had art and were able to speak. The neanderthal, that is.

(redditor) BingoRage: 

The terms "archaic" and "primitive" reference humans that were separate species, anatomically distinct, older and no longer present. They were as "evolved" as us, physically. Homo Erectus/Ergaster emerged nearly 2 million years ago, but for a million+ years only made one tool, the "hand axe". It's thought that they gave rise to the archaic humans (in Africa, Asia and Europe), one of which became us (in Africa). Neanderthal seem to have "invented" body adornment (beads, jewelry, bodypaint) and new stone tech, but not visual art (that I know of). Since we interbred with at least a couple archaic humans (DNA evidence in our genome), it is likely that there was cultural exchange of some sort. There is plenty of evidence for cannibalism in both directions, as well. It seems that our own lineage only developed representational art 30 000(+?) years ago and that contact with Neanderthal may have spurred their late cultural development in western europe. Archaic humans were probably not incapable of physically maintaining a population, but were forced out by slow expansion of humans and failure to adjust to changing climate and food sources. The amount of new fossil evidence (especially from Asia) is constantly changing the story of our past. As an aside, I think that much of our monster lore comes down to us from those times when we shared the world with the "little people" (Floresiensis), "BigFoot" (Gigantopithecus) and "the other" in general (boogeyman, "wildmen", etc.).


"The Rose Of Damocles"

I probably had another, dumber working title for this piece before working on it, again, this week. While preparing myself, mentally, for my sister's birthday party; I added a bunch of bold blue rain strokes to the canvas, one of which "hung" over the female(?) figure's Jackhammer-head as she is about to be smited-with, or offered, a rose.
The male((?) figure sports this season's latest #fishhead.
Whom, attacked who? (Or, is it "Who, attacked whom?". I'm fairly certain that I use the word correctly, in the world. hmmm A squirrel...)
Rain at Sunset,

#TheRoseOfDamocles , November 2015, Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio, #Ottawa.
#TheRoseOfDamocles , November 2015, Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio, #Ottawa.
#TheRoseOfDamocles , November 2015, Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio, #Ottawa.
#TheRoseOfDamocles , November 2015, Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio, #Ottawa.
#TheRoseOfDamocles , November 2015, Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio, #Ottawa.
#TheRoseOfDamocles , November 2015, Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio, #Ottawa.
#TheRoseOfDamocles , November 2015, Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio, #Ottawa.
#TheRoseOfDamocles , November 2015, Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio, #Ottawa.
#TheRoseOfDamocles , November 2015, Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio, #Ottawa.
#TheRoseOfDamocles , January 2016, Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio, #Ottawa.
#TheRoseOfDamocles, January 2016, Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio, #Ottawa.
#TheRoseOfDamocles , January 2016, Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio, #Ottawa.

#TheRoseOfDamocles detail, January 2016, Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio, #Ottawa.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hey There

Hey there.

I know it's been awhile, but I have been focusing too much attention on social media, lately. Too many conspiracy discussions lapsing into anger. I can't tell the trolls from the true believers and I am thinking that the entire internet is becoming a video game; highly fractal and beguiling.

:)   "that way", as they say, "lies madness..."

So; in order to redeem the time wasted spent invested online, I will bring you the best of them here to help reclaim my own online space... stop giving it all away. I think that I shall call these segments...

Notes Of A Dirty Old Man

Decolonise, Asshole!

Flaming Artfag Intellectual

Online Musings

Or, something like that.

Posted to Reddit, January 16'th, 2016 Original post entitled:
"Why does the universe have order?" - Need help answering this question.

In the last 70 years, math and science have discovered that the "order" which they saw within the universe is not the result of a "clockwork" that could be reset and run again to produce the same results. The universe was actually unpredictable and unrepeatable; the perceived "order" arising from chaotic behavior in simple systems and equations. If we were able to "rewind" the universe to an early state, it would not make the same universe we see today. There is no guarantee that humans would be here, either; our galaxy might not even form again.The thing about chaotic systems, though, is that they produce great complexity from simple rules and the closer you look, the more complicated it gets (please reference a good Mandelbrot set video, here).So; the Earth, life and our brains are actually extremely fine, complicated iterations of the multiple rules that the universe runs on (law of thermodynamics, evolution, etc.). A weird implication of the multiverse theory is that many universes may stall or collapse, depending on variables like the fine structure constant which is ridiculously exact and would produce cold or carbonless stars, if much lower, or higher. Weirder still, is the idea that abstract things like the laws of physics "crystalise out" of the homogenous high-energy states after a big bang.If we rewound the universe back far enough, there is no guarantee that gravity would work the same. If you can bend your mind around that , then the weak anthropic principle shouldn't upset you.
:Eric C. Keast 

Edit: added my signature, highlighted "weak anthropic principle".

"BrontoDuck Preens

Acrylic #painting on #canvas, BingoRage Studio, #Ottawa.
Autumn, 2015

"BrontoDuck Preens" (2015)
Eric C. Keast
BingoRage Studio, Ottawa

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No commercial uses of this material, or derivatives, without the artist's consent and conditions. Thank you.

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