Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The New #BingoRageStudio

#BingoRageStudio #FortFrances (My favourite, doomed studio stool) and the #CranePowwowDancer in the #studiodocket

#BingoRageStudio #FortFrances 2015

This used to be my setup, on the side of the road in #FortFrances, NorthWestern Ontario. 

It was a chill way to work on my art, get outside and make a few bucks from the occasonal tourist.

Since moving to #Ottawa, Ontario -capitol of  #Canada- I haven't been able to make a cent "on the street", so to speak. In fact, the few times that I tried it, was petrified of being arrested or harassed by the police. There are many -and different types- all over the town. The locals are adept at "actively ignoring"; a skill of the delusional, writ large. It's like seeing cognitive dissonance made flesh.

So; I have tried to ramp up my online visibility. Sharpen and refining old interests... writing again. Trying to describe my work more, explore it with words. Share better.

Now seeking patronage; if you know someone who needs art, please forward my name. Miigwitch.

PS: If you work in the #Ottawa area, I can visit your office and offer a selection of canvases and beadwork jewelry for display/sale. Just need a chair/table(s?) and restroom access. Electricity and wifi a plus (for credit card payments).

Peyote-stitched beadwork #bracelet. Glass, Bone, Nylon, vintage button.
Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio

Lg. Men's Choker; Horn, Bone, Shell, Ceramic, Glass, Leather, Hempcord
Eric C. Keast #BingoRageStudio

#BingoRageStudio #Ottawa Summer 2015.

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