Thursday, March 25, 2010

DEBATE March 25

Most thumbnail pics and medium size pics will now click to a larger detail photo, in separate page. Please let me know of any missing image links. The accompanying video is a comprehensive history of this piece; from its earliest paint until its current incarnation, as seen from a single perspective. Let me know what you think.

The DEBATE composition is painted on a "masonite board". I'm not sure how long the base will last. Maybe the glue in the board will end up disintegrating in a few hundred years; turning to fine piney dust, as the Mona Lisa sails on and every Morrisseau, not on canvas, turns to dust, also. Painting on Masonite, might be like painting on tar-filled birchbark; it might be like painting on acid-filled Kraft paper, turning brown in the fresh air.

The Crane figure that appears in this composition is not the same figure that appears in the "Crane PowWow Dancer" painting. That piece is part of an upcoming show at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery, "Celebrating The Creators". April 3 - May 23, 2010. Opening reception: April 9, 7:30 pm.
I will probably be there for the opening.

As the young Crane Shaman dances, his turtle rattle resonates with the land and scores him points. The HummingMallard collects nectar, obliviously. One of the Crane's bells falls, ominously.



It is an ongoing arguement, older than the land. Crane and Corvid engage again; over the skies of my homeland.

Their discourse has has carved the soil and bedrock of my roots.

Technology arrives.

Iron, light and water flow; carbon tides and code salad.

"As long as the sun shall shine, the slither flow and carpets spread."

Your memes are true believers...

As old battles wage and the future looms, a third person is called-for. I will keep that in mind, whenever I start tossin' paint at this piece, again.


DEBATE; acrylic on masonite_Jan.-March 2010


The DEBATE video is similiar in format, to this "Chinaski of RedLake, Ontario" vid. Chinaski of Red Lake; previously posted, here.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

"The Spirit Fire is Lit, Again" Broken Vulture Art and Spirit Fire Park 2010 project

Greeting BingoRagers, new and old;

I have been remiss in posting a welcome to new ‘Ragers, who may have found their way here, through the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast. Spirit Fire Park (Joe) and Broken Vulture Art (me!) sponsored the March 11 episode: "Go on a Spacewalk with Astronaut Chris Hadfield".

The video accompanying tonight’s post is an overview of our Ontario Arts Council-supported project; "The Spirit Fire is Lit, Again". Here is a link to our "Spirit Fire is Lit, Again" project FaceBook Page; please share. The photos are of recent peyote stitch beadwork cuffs.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

MetaRage - March 3, 2010 - Linkypost+Artpost

As you can see, I have finally made the switch to the "New Blogger" template. The main reason that I have done so, is the ease of access to "older posts". I will tweak the new setup, shortly.

BingoRage has had a few technical problems affecting new and old postings, which I’ll tell you about, shortly. The long-promised third installment of the LeechWater story, is in the pipeline; I swear. Find LEECHWATER part 1 [here] and part 2 [here]. *N.B. The chapters contain swear words and offensive, hard-to-explain behaviour. Be forewarned.

BingoRage, representin'! in Thunder Bay. The Crane , Powwow Dancer painting will be at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery, in an April show. This is the Bio. that I sent them:

Eric C. Keast is a self taught contemporary artist combining various media: Painting, papier-mache,
beadwork, writing, etc.. He has been documenting his work -online- in photographs and
video since returning to Canada, after ten years in Minneapolis, where he studied
and worked with Anurag Art Bronze |Studio and Foundry, Heart of the Beast Puppet
and Mask Theatre's MayDay parade and festival, Two Rivers Gallery at MPLS
American Indian Centre and a Native American Youth Shelter.

In the 1980's and 1990's, Eric studied the rock art forms of the Canadian Shield, pictographs and petroglyphs,
and prehistoric material culture, while working for the Regional Archaeology unit and
the Ontario Rock Art Conservation Association in Kenora, ON.

While not a strict follower of the Woodlands School / "X-ray" forms of representation,
Eric's work is influenced by the source material and strong lines of Woodlands art.

Eric received an Ontario Arts Council "Northern Arts" grant this winter, which will be used
to: a) create a mural wall / theatrical space infrastructure at SpiritFire Park in Devlin, ON
b) sculpt a large foam/clay sturgeon model, create and install a papier mache copy of the Sturgeon Mother
at SpiritFire Park
c) Lead a mural design/installation workshop with the UMAYC program, from the Fort Frances UNFC
d) Hold a grand opening event in August 2010, presenting a theatrical performance in new space and
host performance by T-Bay's Rodney Brown.