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"The Spirit Fire is Lit, Again" Broken Vulture Art and Spirit Fire Park 2010 project

Greeting BingoRagers, new and old;

I have been remiss in posting a welcome to new ‘Ragers, who may have found their way here, through the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast. Spirit Fire Park (Joe) and Broken Vulture Art (me!) sponsored the March 11 episode: "Go on a Spacewalk with Astronaut Chris Hadfield".

The video accompanying tonight’s post is an overview of our Ontario Arts Council-supported project; "The Spirit Fire is Lit, Again". Here is a link to our "Spirit Fire is Lit, Again" project FaceBook Page; please share. The photos are of recent peyote stitch beadwork cuffs.


It’s 7:30 on a Saturday night. This is the earliest that I have been working in the studio, in some time. Dad and I got our new phones and spent the afternoon trying to figure out how to make the fancy ear thingies voicedial numbers. Much safer to have in the car; regardless of how little you use them; but, I suspect that they willl make us much more communicative. We will get rid of our landline and save good money; but it will be too easy to get hold of us, now. I'll be one of those poor idiots wandering around downtown, talking to myself and laughing at nothings in storefront windows.

Spring is bleeding into NorthWestern Ontario; time for the big push. We have set the date for our 2-Day opening event at Spirit Fire Park; "The Spirit Fire is Lit, Again." August 6 & 7, 2010. If you can get away to NorthWestern Ontario for a couple days, you are invited.

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The local paper (Fort Frances Times) sent someone over to speak with Joe and I, at BingoRage Studio on Friday. We spoke about the main infrastructure project for this summer; the muralwall / theatrical space; at Spirit Fire Park (SFP), in Devlin, Ontario. We are turning a private paintball grounds into a public cultural space. Good story.

Green Apple cuff.
broken vulture art beadwork

We are in the process of creating an SFP board to coordinate the wall-building and supplies purchasing. We are successful applicants for an Ontario Arts Council grant and are revving up to start buying materials. I’m going to inquire about weatherproofing different types of board and paint additives for our publicly-accessible muralwall/theatrical space. Very exciting. I’m starting the wood/foam/clay armature for the sturgeon model in the studio, well before we get going on the wall. I want to have the first weather-proofed papier mache copy of the "Sturgeon Mama" model installed for the opening event.

Entertainer and musical historian Rodney Brown is confirmed to perform; August 7. The draft of a theatrical performance is being worked on and we are recruiting for interested workshop volunteers at our FaceBook project page.

The wall infrastructure will be completed by the event: Posts, plywood sheets, concrete bases and protective background paintjob. It will be a grand undertaking and we are going to document it all and publish it online. Anybody interested in documenting the work for media, can contact BVA by email; brokenvultureart[at]gmail[dot]com.

Gold cuff 1.
broken vulture art beadwork
broken vulture art beadwork

Actual murals ready for the inaugural event, will be limited by initial participation. In addition to a Broken Vulture Art painting, our grantwork includes a mural design and installation collaboration with the UMAYC program of the Fort Frances UNFC program. The workshop art materials are funded by the OAC and supported by the UMAYC staff.

For paintball and tour appointments at other times, contact Spirit Fire Park. To inquire about mural sponsorship opportunities and artist volunteering, contact Broken Vulture Art. Mural space and retreat will be available, soon, to approved artists willing to travel at their own cost, live rough for a few days and purchase their own materials. Eventually, we wish to offset artist and park costs, to be able to recruit well known and rising artists to visit Sunset Country and leave their traces, here.

broken vulture art beadwork
broken vulture art beadwork

Broken Vulture Art and Spirit Fire Park are seeking founding sponsors for the first mural installations, signage advertisers and secondary sculpture installations. If you know anyone, looking for oddball opportunities, please pass this on.

Mural sponsorship includes: Sponsor input for mural composition’s subject matter/theme and dedication. Materials purchase and service rental. Park and artist fees. Online publication of photographic, video, audio and written documentation of the project: wall construction, theatrical development, volunteer artist participation, SFP team-building and infrastructure, mural design process and documentation of mural installation progress. BVA and SFP reserve the right to relocate, remove, copy, repaint or sell the physical object of the long-term collection, after 5 years; dependent on condition of work and artist agreements. Destruction by natural disaster, weathering, wildfire or bureaucracy voids all time warranties. Priority by, agreement.

broken vulture art beadwork
broken vulture art beadwork

Donations in the BingoRage tip jar labeled with "Spirit Fire Project" get split between BVA and SFP, to fuel ongoing expenses. For new works purchase and sponsorship, please do not use tip jar; serious enquiries; email brokenvultureart[at]gmail[dot]com.

Pink Ruffle Cuff, with hematite.
pink peyote stitch cuff, broken vulture art beadwork


To buy signage advertising at Spirit Fire Park (two year terms):
3'x3' ad - $400.00
4'x8' ad - $700.00
6'x8' ad - $1000.00

To buy avertisement on barricade (4 year term)
4'x8' barricade - $1200.00

Mural sponsorship

For $ 5 000.00, BVA and SFP will create and document an evolving 12 foot by 8+ foot mural project (borders and dedication included). It could be completed by "The Spirit Fire is Lit, Again" event, if started early. The finished composition would probably receive finishing touches in the autumn of 2010 and will be part of the park’s long-term collection.

For $ 20 000.00, BVA and SFP will create and document, an evolving and intricate 32 foot wide and 10+ foot high muralspace project (borders and dedication included) at Spirit Fire Park. This mural would not be completed by the opening event, but would be significantly developed. The finished composition would probably receive finishing touches in the autumn of 2011 and will be part of the park’s long-term collection.

Sculptural sponsorships:

For $1000.00; papier mache copy of "Sturgeon Mama" created and installed in park, with dedication.

For $ 50 000; bronze copy of "Sturgeon Mama" will be cast and finished by BVA and Anurag Art. Transportation, landscaping and installation in park. Transportation and installation at other sites extra.

For $ 1 000 000.00, BVA and Anurag Art will design and create a large composition of bronze sculptures, boulders and lighting to be placed at nearly any location. Transportation, landscaping and installation extra. The finished composition would probably receive finishing touches in the autumn of 2014 and will be close to permanent; glaciers, meteors and possible resurgence of the bronze cannon notwithstanding. Does include champagne.

broken vulture art beadwork
broken vulture art beadwork

I’m listening to Bill Bryson’s audiobook, "In A Sunburned Country"; a delicious passage describing the game of Cricket, which I had formerly considered impenetrable. Mr. Bryson paints a very engaging tableau of weeks’ long, slow, orderly competition; like a baseball game, where: the batter can’t be called out for strikes until he chooses, the pitcher rarely walks anyone, you suspect that the umpire has a very different rulebook than the one in your tight, little hands and everyone seems to be on the field, the whole game. For days. For weeks. I suspect that it would be hard to discern which team, some of the athletes belong to, since they all wear the same colours. Now he is escorting me through the rabbit troubles.

I’ll put a few short clips in the next video project; interesting painting moments with analog podcast snippets in background. I’ve got plenty of my own visual content to choose from, but all the fair use audio sources, need to be properly attributed in the result. Paperwork essentially; but without the printer.

broken vulture art beadwork
broken vulture art beadwork

I’ve made my laptop into a dual-boot box, with an up-to-date Linux distribution; UBUNTU. If that sounds obscure and technodangerous to you; it is. I am one of those people who look under the forbidden hoods and push buttons. If that gave you a good laugh, then you are probably familiar with this XKCD comic panel. If it still sounds scary to you, don’t worry; everyone can look.

All rightie, then... enough Ojibberish.
Thanx fer stopping by. Next artpost should be the DEBATE composition, on masonite. Will post beadwork at my Etsy store, soon; link in sidebar.


broken vulture art beadwork
broken vulture art beadwork


Broken Vulture Art and Spirit Fire Park thank the Ontario Arts Council, for
their generous support of this project.


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